In celebration of the International Youth Day and its 49th year of foundation, the Asian Youth Council proudly introduced the Ten Outstanding Young Leaders of Asia Award. 10 Young Leaders from different countries in Asia were selected to acknowledge the exceptional contributions of these young leaders in their own country.

Mr. Hoang Tuan Anh, Director of Green Space Joint Stock Company
Representing Vietnamese youth to receive the award are Mr. Hoang 
Tuan Anh , Director of Green Space Joint Stock Company, who has operated the rice ATM initiative during the Covid-19 pandemic and Mr. Tran Anh Tu, Doctor of the Department of Infectious Disease Control, National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, frontline doctor in the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially, with the outstanding and meaningful achievements and contributions of 02 Vietnamese representatives, both representatives have won awards out of 10 outstanding youth leaders across Asia.

Mr. Hoang Tuan Anh is the CEO of Green Universe Company, a distributor of PHGLock smart electronic locks in Southeast Asia. In April 2020, he was better known to the community when he was the one who launched the initiative "Rice ATM" introduced by CNN and Reuters as a solution to help people in difficulty during the Covid-19 epidemic. By August 2021, Hoang Tuan Anh was once again impressed with the "Oxygen ATM" initiative, which is one of the serial activities of rice ATMs and mask ATMs. In the past few days, together with PHGSmarthome team, Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association and Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union, Tuan Anh organized this ATM to provide oxygen machines and oxygen tanks to support the health care work of the system. hospital, helping patients who are being treated for COVID-19 recover soon. Hoang Tuan Anh is also known as one of the 10 outstanding young Vietnamese faces in 2020, outstanding young citizen of Ho Chi Minh City 2020.

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Mr. Tran Anh Tu is currently a Doctor of the Department of Infectious Disease Control, National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology.

Mr. Tran Anh Tu is currently a Doctor of the Department of Infectious Disease Control, National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology. Doctor Tran Anh Tu actively participates directly in COVID-19 pandemic prevention activities in Vietnam. During the fieldwork, take advantage of the experience in information technology, promote initiatives and technical improvements suitable to actual conditions, and provide professional and professional guidance and support to the participants. staff at the grassroots level to be able to coordinate effectively against the epidemic. During the stressful anti-epidemic days, the young doctor was present in most of the epidemic hotspots such as Son Loi, Vinh Phuc; Ha Loi, Me Linh, Hanoi; Da Nang, Hai Duong... Tran Anh Tu also directly participated in groups developing documents of the Ministry of Health on guidelines for COVID-19 case surveillance, guidelines for blockade, medical isolation, and guidelines. guidance on tracing and close contacts and procedures and forms in the prevention of COVID-19 epidemic. During the fight against COVID-19, Tu himself also contributed to scientific researches on the COVID-19 epidemic in Vietnam with 02 international scientific articles published as a co-author. With outstanding achievements, BS. Tran Anh Tu received the Certificate of Merit from the Minister of Science and Technology for his outstanding achievements in research and application of science and technology in analyzing and processing epidemiological information, contributing to zoning and stamping out the epidemic. COVID-19; Certificate of Merit "Typical Young Vietnamese Doctor"; is the owner of the award "Good young cadres, civil servants and public employees in 2020" awarded by the Central Youth Union....

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