Further spread the activities of the Viet Nam Youth Federation

Web.HCYU.20/7/2020. On July 19th, the third Conference of the Viet Nam Youth Federation (VYF) Central Committee, session VIII, term 2019-2024 took place in Dong Nai. Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Permanent Secretary of the Central Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU CC), President of the Central Committee of the VYF presided over the conference.

The conference mainly focused on discussing and commenting on important contents: preliminary wrap-up report of the VYF’s assignment of the first half-year; missions of the other half of the year 2020; plan of organizing the fourth National Congress of Viet Nam Young Physicians’ Association, term 2020-2025; Regulation on emulation and commendation of the VYF tenure VIII.  

Join the community to overcome the  COVID-19

Assessing the results of the VYF and youth movement in the first half-year of 2020, Mr. Nguyen Tuong Lam, Permanent Vice President of the VYF informed that although the first half of this year was affected by the COVID-19, all levels of the VYF had made great efforts to carry out many action movements in active and flexible ways. The "I love my Country" campaign was conveyed and spread to a large number of officials, members, youth, and the whole society.

Delegates discussed at the conference
Delegates discussed at the conference

The “A piece of good news everyday, a piece of beautiful story every week" campaign continued to be widely implemented on the website, social networks, fanpage, newsletters of the VYF, which received a great deal of response from the youth. Thereby, many examples of good people, good deeds, good models, beautiful lifestyles were shared, acknowledged, and praised. Currently, 10,151 / 10,330 Grassroots of VYF have Facebook pages, which share more than 230,000 good news, beautiful stories in the first 6 months.

According to Mr. Lam, all levels of the VYF also attempted to establish and develop the membership network of Clubs (Clubs) "Young Farms", Clubs "Youth start-up"; effectively operate the youth entrepreneurship fund of the province and city; support the transfer of science and technology, grant start-up capital as well as support livestock breeds and plants. The VYF has established 40 start-up youth clubs with more than 19,500 members and youths participating; supporting more than 900 innovative start-up ideas with a total budget of nearly fourteen billion VND.

Before the complicated situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, all levels of the Federation renovated timely the form and content of activities in accordance with practical conditions, with many volunteer activities for the community such as "Winter Volunteers", “Spring Volunteers”, "Border March ", " Young doctors follow Uncle Ho's teachings, volunteer for public health”, etc. All levels of the Federation organized many activities to share and support disadvantaged young people, focusing on remote areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas, and islands.

The Central Committee of the VYF coordinates units and businesses to implement meaningful community activities, such as "Million meals" with the "Give meals, give love" message for people in difficult circumstances. , workers losing their jobs, homeless people … Up to now, the Central Committee has presented nearly 510,000 "meals" that are worth nearly 7.8 billion VND in 9 provinces and cities. Implementing the program "Good deeds day" to join hands to prevent and combat the COVID-19 epidemic "For a healthy Vietnam" with the participation of volunteer clubs and groups under the National Volunteer Network. The program "MEGA1 - Sharing love, joining hands to overcome the epidemic" with the spirit of "Leave no one behind" has focused on supporting young workers of export processing zones and industrial zones who lost their jobs; rural youth affected by COVID-19 epidemic ...

The VYF also launched a voluntary blood donation movement among cadres, members and youth throughout the country during the rush to join hands to prevent and combat the COVID-19 pandemic and called on officials, members and the youth to participate in registering online for blood donation, especially rare blood groups through the online blood bank at the website of the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion.

Create a young start-up network

At the conference, Mr. Hoang Cong Doan, Chairman of the Investment and Startup Club (Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs’ Association), said that the club currently had more than 2,000 members in many provinces and cities across the country. The club is embarking on a young start-up movement in the following way: Each successful entrepreneur assists a member in the startup club. "In November, we will officially establish a fund contributed by our members to support all young people starting their businesses in the country," Mr. Doan said. Mr. Doan hopes that similar clubs can be established in other localities soon to expand the start-up network.

Mr. Phan Thanh Sang, Vice President of the VYF of Lam Dong province, said that start-up models needed capital, so the Central Committee needed to work with banks to create start-up capital for young people. Thereby will connect, share ideas in starting a business, and promote products across the country. Meanwhile, Mr. Ngo Minh Hai, President of the Ho Chi Minh City VYF said that the trend of young people using software and applying technology to make a living would be increasing, while businesses would reduce their labor resources. Therefore, the VYF needs to proactively reach out to these people and gather them within its organization.

 Speaking at the wrap-up of the conference, Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan said that with the appearance of the Viet Nam Young Entrepreneurs’ Association, the Viet Nam Young Physicians’ Association, the activities of VYF become flexible and attractive. This is a valuable and practical experience to create activities with distinguished characteristics of the VYF in the last months of the year as well as in the remaining half of the term.

 Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan also acknowledged that the epidemic situation was still complicated and continued to affect the people's life in general and the youth in particular. Therefore, all levels of the VYF must not be neglected and caught off guard but continue to focus on creating jobs and solutions to support young people in overcoming the consequences of epidemics. In particular, focusing on training, guiding occupational skills, creating conditions for a career change for members and youth. Besides, continue to concern, consolidate and improve the quality of the Federation at the grassroots level, increase investment in the establishment and development of the Federation in other countries to form an extension arm of the Federation ...

Inspire to fulfill your dream

The delegates gave opinions on the sideline of the conference
The delegates gave opinions on the sideline of the conference

“As an ethnic minority child, H'Hen Nie herself wishes to participate in inspiring everyone to aspire to fulfill their dreams, not because of any barriers that make them revoke. From the story of her rise, Hen wants to contribute to the completion of projects and goals towards the community that the Federation has set out, through the support of businesses and units ", Miss H’ Hen Niê shared. 

Miss Crescent Moon Be Thi Bang expressed: “I hope that the organization of the Federation cares and encourages disable people more, and at the same time creates favorable conditions for them to be able to make products, ensure and improve their lives.”