Commencing the construction of communal culture house of Chut ethnic minority

Web.HCYU.28/6/2020. On the morning of June 28th, the Central Committee of Viet Nam Youth Federation (VYF), together with Sacombank to announce the commencement of the building of Chut’s (the name of the ethnic minority) communal culture house and gave away gifts for locals in K-Ai village, Dan Hoa commune, Minh Hoa district, Quang Binh province.

At the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Permanent Secretary of HCYU Central Committee, President of the VYF stated that the VYF partnered with various units to raise fund for the construction of 16 communal culture house for 16 different ethnic minorities living in Vietnam. This is part of the “I love my country” movement and the 2020 Volunteer Youth Campaign, aiming to spread love and care for the disadvantaged nationwide.

According to Mr. Tuan, building these houses is one meaningful act of politics and humanitarianism, which contributes to the all-round betterment of the people.

“This is also the spot where communal activities take place (both indoors and outdoors); a friendly meet-up place between the locals and many national and global political – social organizations; a place for public classes; an open library for everyone; a place where cultural values remain…”, added Mr. Tuan.

Being a young person of an ethnic minority, Miss Beauty H’Hen Nie regularly takes part in voluntary program in places where the minorities live. “Vietnam has 54 ethnic minorities; H’Hen Nie wishes that each of them conserves its own cultural value and the HCYU is doing a great job in supporting them with a place for their community… Every young person should fulfill his/her responsibility no matter where he/she might be. H’Hen Nie believes that in such places there will be people like me who get inspired by the power of the youth. As for those who is of an ethnic minority, I wish you to be more confident and stronger for any future obstacle, to further improve yourself and your hometown as well.”, said H’Hen Nie.

The culture house will be split into 3 blocks-interstratifying sections: the front yard which serves as a welcome area and a parking space; the central yard where various main events take place and the backyard which lies near the multifunctional conference hall with a space wide enough for large-scale festivities.

The blocks that surround the central yard can be accessible separately or by walking in from the central yard. This creates convenient paths among the blocks while providing privacy for various educational activities.

According to Tran Vu Tho – Master of Architecture and the Designing group’s representative of Architecture Faculty at  Hanoi Architectural University, the group has been digging deep into the routine and the culture of the Chut in order to have new ideas for the culture house.

“The golden-colored leaves that covered the roof of Chut’s traditional houses were the inspiration. The leaves were positioned together near the central area where events are held; this will help beautifying their individuality, developing their living conditions. Those curved domes also reminded me of the sheltering caves – Chut’s living spots from long ago.” Mr. Tho described.