The theme of 2020: Vietnamese Youth proudly strides under the Party’s flag

Web.HCYU.21/12/2019. The year of 2020 has been declared the year of “Vietnamese Youth proudly strides under the Party’s flag”.

The year 2020 celebrates the 90th anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam. This is also the year when the Party Congresses of all levels are held, progressing to the 13th National Party Congress. This year’s choice of theme greatly expresses the young’s sense of pride and responsibility toward the Communist Party. The theme will help the Youth Union obtain a widespread effect, appeal and urge all levels of the Youth Union to promote movements and make remarkable achievements for 2020’s big events.

The 11th National Congress of the Youth Union proposed a resolution in which the main goal of executing 5 themed plans during a lustrum of 2018 to 2022 had to be fulfilled. Two of which have been achieved: “The Youth’s Creativity” (2018), “The Volunteering Youth” (2019); one is in progress (2020), as aforementioned; and two projected to come: “The Youth’s Start-ups” (2021) and “Consolidating the Youth Union” (2022).

Missions to be completed in 2020 are: Improving political education; organizing events for upcoming milestones; getting insights of and orientating the young’s ideologies; defending the Communist Party’s ideology as well as fighting against the hostility.

Furthermore: To organize the youth’s movements; to consolidate the Youth Union and to improve the quality of the Youth Union’s officials; to work on practical solutions established within 6 Conclusions and 10 Projects; to summarize the action program of the HCYU implementing the Resolution of the 12th National Party Congress; to organize a midterm preliminary sum-up of implementing the Resolution of the 11th National Congress./.