Youth at the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee actively responded to the "I love my Fatherland" movement

In the morning of October 7, in Hanoi, the Youth Union of HCYU Central Committee organized the October flag-hoisting ceremony themed "I love my fatherland". Union members gathered to arrange the shape of the national flags.

Attending the flag-hoisting ceremony, there were Mr. Le Quoc Phong - Alternate Member of the Party Central Committee, First Secretary of the HCYU, Chairman of Vietnam Youth Federation; Mr. Bui Quang Huy - Secretary of the HCYU, Chairman of the Vietnam National Union of Students, as well as leaders and officials of units of the HCYU Central Committee.

Also on this occasion, youth at the HCYU Central Committee carried out a youth project in order to welcome the Vietnam Youth Federation National Congress on the 3rd floor of the HCYU Headquarters. The work was implemented by the Youth Union of the HCYU Central Committee on the Volunteer Saturday.

The 8th National Congress of the Vietnam Youth Federation for the term 2019-2024 will take place in December this year in Hanoi.