Art Exchange “ Legend of a road “

In the evening of 9/5, at the Special National Site Kilometer Zero - the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail, Tan Ky Town, Tan Ky District, Nghe An Province, the artistic program the “ Legend of a Road” on the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Ho Chi Minh Trail- Traditional day of Truong Son Army Corps (May 19, 1959 - May 19, 2019). The program was presided over by the Military Youth Committee in coordination with 12th Army Corps, Political Bureau of Military Region 4, Nghe An Provincial Union.

Present at the program, with the attendance Mrs. Vice President Truong Thi My Hoa; Senior Lieutenant General Le Chiem, Deputy Minister of Defense; Lieutenant-General Le Hien Van, Deputy Chairman of the Political General Department of the Vietnam People's Army; Mr Bui Quang Huy, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union,  President of Vietnam National Union of Students; Mr Thai Thanh Quy, Deputy Secretary of Provincial Party Committee, Alternate Member of the Party Central Committee as Chairman of the People's Committee of Nghe An province.

Sixty years ago, implementing the policy of the Party Central Committee and President Ho Chi Minh, on May 19, 1959, the Standing General of the Military Commission officially assigned the task of "Special military mission" to uncover the legendary Ho Chi Minh Road. Henceforth, the Truong Son military transport corridor - Ho Chi Minh road was established and became a bridge between the big rear of the North and the big front line of the South.  In the spirit of " Nothing is more precious than independence and freedom" and the resolution for "All for the front line, all to defeat the American invasion" "Tear Truong Son apart to save the country", 559 Unit Truong Son soldier was established, originally a battalion with more than 500 officers and soldiers, having grown up quickly with many forces meeting the requirements of the task of reinforcing the battlefields.

Speaking at the ceremony, Lieutenant-General Le Hien Van - Deputy Chairman of the Political General Department of the Vietnam People's Army, said that since its establishment to the end of the war, the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail have carried nearly 455 million tons of weapons, food, ammunition and roughly 58 million tons of petroleum aiding the South, which contributed to the historical 1975 spring victory to completely emancipate the South and unify the country.  The legendary Ho Chi Minh trail is an important factor to liberate the South to reunify the country.

At the program, 400 singers and artists of the army and local art groups reconstructed the dazzling and heroic milestone of nation in the resistance war against the US. In the years of direness, the forces on everywhere in Ho Chi Minh trail turned out to be “a heroic force", facing with lots of hardships and sacrifices to successfully complete the mission of the he strategic opening, the reinforcement of human resources and strength from the northern rear for the southern battlefield, greatly contributing to the resistance against the US, to save our nation.  At the same time, honoring and gratifying the dedication of the army and our people, especially the victories and great contributions of Truong Son soldiers, youth volunteers, civilians in the resistance war.

At the program, Mr. Dinh Viet Hong - Vice Chairman of Nghe An Provincial People's Committee awarded a certificate of relic Kilometer Zero - the legendary Ho Chi Minh trail is a tourist destination of Nghe An province to Tan Ky District People's Committee.

Before that, in the afternoon of May 9, the delegation of the Military Youth Committee and a number of agencies and units donated 100 gifts, each worth VND 1 million to Truong Son veterans and poor students overcoming difficulties in Tan Ky district; donated two houses (worth VND 80 million / house) to Vietnamese hero hero Pham Thi Phi, in Nghia Dung commune and former Truong Son Lo Van Can army, in Tien Ky commune (Tan Ky) and two children playground park worth 30 million VND for preschools.