Monthly thematic activities for 2016

Web.HCYU.22/01/2016. Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union promulgated thematic activities for its members to participate in 2016. As informed, provincial level and the central’s secondary units of youth union are directed to guide youth members to work toward the themes.

According to the working agenda, youth union leaders will direct the activities and adapt relevant topics for the youths to participate on monthly basis. Youth unions at all levels will implement the workplan to ensure the effective and productive results.

Monthly thematic activities for 2016:

:: Jan to Feb 2016: Celebrate the founding anniversary of the Party and traditional New Year

:: March 2016: Youth month - proud of the Ho Chi Minh era

:: April 2016: Joyful country

:: May 2016: Fatherland’s festival

:: June 2016: Volunteer for community  

:: July 2016: Toward memorials and remembrance

:: August 2016: Progressive youths follow Uncle Ho’s teachings

:: September 2016: "I love my country"

:: October 2016: Continue the journey of the heroes

:: November 2016: Participate in international integration, connect the world

:: December 2016: Join winter volunteer 2016