New policy supporting youth volunteers

Web.HCYU.19/11/2015. Hanoi – The Prime Minister has just approved the Decision on youth volunteers. According to the new policy, Vietnamese youth volunteers, apart from receiving adequate knowledge and skills, can be provided with allowance and working equipment, personal protection as well as qualified to be admitted to the union and party. In case of accident, the volunteers can claim support as the invalids or social contributors.

According to the new policy, in case of accident, local authorities will establish procedure to propose higher level to consider and recognize as invalid or martyrs and receive full benefits. The volunteer organization will support transfer the volunteer to hometown or pay for funeral services.

Youth volunteers play significant role in society
Youth volunteers play a significant role in society

Volunteers, who are not covered by social insurance or compulsory health insurance but accidently injured and caused a reduction from 5%-30% working capacity, will be covered half of total medical expenses.

If more than 31% of working capacity reduced, the injured volunteer receives one time additional support by 3 times of the base salary. In case of death, the support is equivalent to 36 times of the base salary.  

After completing more than 3 months of voluntary activities, the youth can be supported in vocational training, finding a job, being priority in joining socio-economic development projects. Volunteering credit can be added up over periods.    

Youths, who are officials and working in the armed forces, accidently injured when saving lives, property of citizens, still receive salary during period of health treatment. As for university students or pupils, there will be favor conditions to continue their studies.