Vietnamese students in Toulouse promote mother tongue to international friends

Web.HCYU.11/06/2015. The Vietnamese Student Association in Toulouse participated in the 23rd world languages forum held by Carrefour Culturel Arnaud-Bernard in the city of Toulouse, France on May 31st, hoping to bring the language and images of Vietnam to a non-border forum, which had the participation of over 120 nations and territories in the world.

At the event, the Vietnamese students were always eager and enthusiastic to instruct visitors and local people to learn how to pronounce and speak basic and simple words of the Vietnamese language. Through the forum, many people registered to learn about Vietnamese language and wish to register to study Vietnamese classes.

Booth of the Vietnamese Student Association in Toulouse. (Photo:
Booth of the Vietnamese Student Association in Toulouse. (Photo:

Many foreign friends at the forum still thought that the Vietnamese is pictographic language and they were surprised to know that Vietnam now uses an Alphabet like Western countries, and particularly Vietnam also has a lot of dialects of ethnic groups.

Vietnamese students studying and living in Toulouse contributed to the success of the 23rd World Languages Forum on a sunny day in Toulouse. They helped international friends understand more about language and culture of Vietnam./.