Vietnamese Student Association in RoK strengthens community ties

Web.HCYU.28/05/2015. The Vietnamese Student Association in the Republic of Korea (VSAK) held its fifth congress (term 2015-2017) on May 24th, in order to review achievements and outline tasks for the next two years on May 24th.

After eight years of establishment and operation, VSAK now has over 80 branches throughout the Republic of Korea (RoK) with more than 6,000 members.

Under the direct leadership of the Party Committee and the Vietnamese Embassy in the RoK and Central Committee of the Vietnamese Student Association, VSAK has organized many meaningful activities for Vietnamese students in the RoK. It has strengthened solidarity and committed to help each other and look towards the homeland.

The new VSAK executive committee. (Photo: VNA)
The new VSAK executive committee. (Photo: VNA)

Most of the members have successfully completed studying and research programs in the RoK. Some Vietnamese students have had research works published in leading scientific journals of the Rok and around the world.

The association also regularly organizes art, culture and sporting exchanges and movements towards the homeland, contributing to promoting the image of the country and people of Vietnam and to strengthen the solidarity with friends in the RoK and around the globe.

The delegates also analyzed difficulties and shortcomings in the last term and provide direction in the coming term with a focus on promoting scientific research movements, enhancing activities towards the homeland’s sea and islands as well as Party development work among Vietnamese students in RoK.

On this occasion, the Vietnamese Embassy in RoK and the VSAK Executive Committee also awarded certificates of merit to students with outstanding academic achievements and active contributions to the movements of the association over the past term.

The congress also elected the Executive Committee for the new term including 34 members, representing almost all the branches across RoK. Mr. Le Ngoc Hoan continues to be elected as chairman of the executive committee in the next term./.