“Oxford Open Day 2014” organized by Vietnamese students in UK

Web.HCYU.04/03/2014. The Vietnamese Students Association in University of Oxford (VOX) on March 1 organized an exchange named “Oxford Open Day 2014” with the participation of many Vietnamese students in the United Kingdom. - CPV.

Students participating Oxford Open Day 2014  (Photo: Le Phuong/VNA)
Students participating Oxford Open Day 2014 (Photo: Le Phuong/VNA)

This is an annual useful activity by VOX to help young Vietnamese people make their dreams come true, as students of the famous University of Oxford through consulting and sharing study experiences.

The event was mainly attended by students studying the two-year A-level program to prepare for university. Therefore, this was an important chance to help students grasp the requirements they must meet before going to university in the UK. Moreover, they were also provided helpful information about how to choose a university, prepare knowledge, procedure for application and especially experiences to pass difficult interviews of preceding students.

For students who are nurturing the dream of going to the University of Oxford, the exchange was a precious opportunity to more strengthen their confidence and energy from previous examples.

Dinh Nam Phuong, a student from Corpus Christi university, said that most students participating the event intended to apply for the University of Oxford, so speakers, members of VOX, always tried to meet the participants’ demand for information and experiences.

Le Thi Cam Van, first-student of A-level program in London, shared that she came to the exchange to learn from the experiences of previous students to be self-confident to enter university.

“Participating the “Oxford Open Day 2014”, I have more determination and motivation to apply for the University of Oxford in the coming time,” Van said.

According to Chairman of VOX Hoang Huu Phuc, this was the fourth time “Oxford Open Day” has been organized, with an increasing number of participants. Not only Vietnamese students, some international students also participated in the event to share their experiences. In addition, the exchange was also an opportunity for Vietnamese students in the UK to unite and help each other.