Vietnam Culture Show: where the pride of the Vietnamese flourish

Web.HCYU: Vietnamese Youth and Student Association in Washington D.C., successfully hosted a Vietnamese culture show. Reported by the Vietnamese Youth and Student in Washington D.C. US.

On November 17, 2012, Vietnamese Youth and Student Association at Washington, DC, hosted a very successful "Vietnam culture shows" with the consent and assistance of the Embassy of Vietnam in the United States. The show has attracted more than 100 participants including Vietnamese youth and student, overseas Vietnamese and foreign students in DC, MD, VA, and PA.

With goal of spreading the beauty of Vietnamese traditional culture to the Vietnamese youth and student, the students overseas Vietnamese and foreigners, the program has performed many traditional folk repertoires of Vietnam culture. The show was opened by Mua lan which was performed by Vietnamese Student Association of Towson University

A carnival atmosphere with traditional drums, gongs, “Dau Lan” and “Ong Dia” has made the students pay to remember the traditional holidays in Vietnam such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Lunar New Year.

After the dance, the audience was back to "một chút bóng đêm trên hè phố quen, một chiều hương giăng lối cũ…" and these images of capital Hanoi has made Vietnamese youth and students love their home country more.

“Ao dai” is a distinctive culture of Vietnamese women with charm, femininity, and graceful, and this impression was delivered excellently by "Mua ao dai va non" performance. This item has brought unexpected feeling of audience because of the professionalism of the actors.

Charming mixed shy of the Vietnamese woman is shown through the graceful Vietnamese ao dai is really wowed the audience not only Vietnamese students but also foreign students with endless applause.

With the combined the Vietnam northern folk and piano, Nguyen Hai Anh sang Vietnamese Northern folk song, "Beo dat may troi,” emotionally and brought more emotion to the audience.

The room was quietly to the sound of the piano with "“…bèo dạt mây trôi, chốn xa xôi/ em ơi anh vẫn đợi bèo dạt/ Mây … trôi chim ca tang tình, cá lội…". To this point of the show, Vietnam culture has really uplifted in every thought of the audience in the room and national pride was evident on each face, the smile of the audience.

After repertoire “Beo dat may troi,” the show leaded the audience to enjoy the spirit of the festival in the northern region with dance “Ao tu than” which was expressed by Vietnamese Student Association of Northern Virginia College (NOVA).

With a tingle of those who participated in the village festival, the actors convey emotion to the audience and the audience really fascinated by the talent as well as the elite of Vietnam culture.

The last performance of the show was “Mua sap” and received the enthusiastic participation of all the show's audiences. The repertoire is a valuable opportunity for all Vietnamese student, overseas Vietnamese, and foreigners to interact with others and expand their connection to help other in learning as well as in life.

Culture is a most valuable wealth of all nations around the world, and culture is the easiest way not only to warm up the national pride of youth or students, but also to promote the image of the nation abroad. Culture is the most important source for the sustainable development of each nation; thus, preserving and developing Vietnam culture, especially for youth and student abroad, is the most useful way for the development of Vietnam in the future.

Vietnamese Youth and Student Association at Washington DC.