9th Congress of Vietnamese Student Association in Rennes, France

Web.HCYU: The 9th Congress of Vietnamese Student Association in Rennes, France (SVREN) was held on September 30th, 2012 at Beaulieu Campus in Rennes, 350km away from the capital of Paris.

At the Congress, Nguyen Thanh Tra, President of the  SVREN for the 8th term (2011-2012) summarized the Association’s activities in the last term and discussed its activity orientations in the time to come with an aim to contribute to developing the community of Vietnamese students in France.

During the term of 2011-2012, the Vietnamese Student Association in Rennes had organized many useful and interesting cultural as well as recreational activities, such as the traditional New Year (Tet) celebration and sports competition for Vietnamese students across France.

Scientific research and learning activities were also expanded in various forms. Especially, SVREN continued promoting the initiative of holding trial days of thesis defense for M.A and PhD candidates to help them gain confidence and achieve the best possible results in front of the committee panel.

The Association was one of the leading Vietnamese Student Associations in France in activities of training, promoting Vietnamese culture and ethnic pride of the Vietnamese, participating in humanitarian programs towards Vietnam, donating to victims of Agent Orange together with victims of floods.

In his speech at the Congress, Cde Bui Anh Tuan, the first Secretary in charge of overseas students at the Vietnam Embassy to France, encouraged Vietnamese students in continuing to uphold the spirit of solidarity and pride as a Vietnamese youth. 
He emphasized that: "Each Vietnamese student is a cultural ambassador" of Vietnam and hoped that the students would unite and always help each other in their studies and lives. 

Especially, they were encouraged to cooperate with Vietnamese adults there to promote activities towards Vietnam. 

The 9th Congress elected 13 executive members of SVREN and Cde. Nguyen Tien Long, a PhD candidate of construction major at INSA Rennes, was elected as President of the Vietnamese Student Association in Rennes for the term of 2012-2013.