Overseas Vietnamese students towards Year of Youth Volunteers 2014

Web.HCYU.13/04/2014. Hanoi, an online exchange organized by the Vietnam National Union of Students Central held in Tien Phong Newspapers’s headquarters. This annual event is created as a playground for Vietnam overseas student associations.

Present at the meeting includes Mr Le Quoc Phong, Secretary of the HCYU Central, President of the Vietnam National Union of Students; representatives of HCYU international department, overseas party commission, youth affairs, ministry of education and training and the student associations in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, Russia, Poland, South Korea, China, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia and Australia.

Overview of the online meeting
Overview of the online meeting

The meeting agenda includes roles of overseas student associations in gathering and mobilizing students; supporting students in studying and sharing experience at the host countries. The meeting also discusses the activities for the youth to Vietnam in the year of youth volunteer 2014  

Exchange with the Vietnam overseas students, Mr Le Quoc Phong hopes that the associations uphold the proactive roles in identifying the voluntary activities. Based on the current conditions and capacity, the association should design the volunteer programs matching local needs.     

Besides, the Vietnam National Union of Students Central will direct the student associations of provinces and cities to receive and support the programs of the overseas students.