Hanoi Youth starts Youth Month of 2014

Web.HCYU.03/03/2014. At the intersection lanes Hoang Quoc Viet - Buoi, Hanoi City Youth Union in collaboration with the Urban Environment One-member Limited Company organize the municipal point for the start up activity of “Youth Month” 2014.

This is a practical activity in response to the "Year of Youth Volunteers 2014”, an opportunity to enhance the quality of the union activity on residential areas and to promote the role of the City youth volunteers in maintaining security order and urban civilization. 

The Ceremony was attended by Dr Nguyen Dac Vinh, alternate member of the Central Party Committee and First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Union; Mr Nguyen Hoang Hiep, Vice Chairman of National Committee for Traffic safety; Mr Nguyen Van Khoi, Vice Chairman of Hanoi People's Committee, and representatives, leaders of Cau Giay, Ba Dinh, Tay Ho districts and more than 1,000 city youth union members, students. 

Dr. Nguyen Dac Vinh with Hanoi young volunteers at the launching ceremony
Dr. Nguyen Dac Vinh with Hanoi young volunteers at the launching ceremony

To implement effectively voluntary activities in 2014, Hanoi City Youth Union tasked youth unions of its various levels to ensure they are widely-spread, oriented, for guiding, practical, specific and sustainable. Thereby, inspire volunteerism, and affirm the effectiveness, orientation, and leading youth forces by arranging volunteer groups. 

With the spirit of marking in the "Youth Month" 2014, the City Youth Union determines to bring the youth voluntary movement to a new level, affirm the clear role of youth of the capital, worthy of the teaching of our beloved president Ho Chi Minh: "For every task, the youth should be a role model for the youth of the country”. 

At the ceremony, the City Youth Union has introduced 06 models of volunteers that will be deployed in 2014: the "Family volunteers and Community volunteers", the "Green offices and Green schools", "Youth Volunteers respond rapidly to Traffic and Urban order”, “Hanoi’s gratitude at Hospitals”, “Right Price and Free Car park” and the “Youth’s Planted Trees” model. 

The Organiser also announced the launching of 05 teams of professional youth volunteers of CauGiay District, including: Team "Traffic Quick Response"; Team "Green Volunteers", "Improving Administration", " Promoting Cultural History of Thang Long" and "Lighting Belief". 

On this occasion, Hanoi Youth Union has donated gifts to 31 children villages, classes and shelters, children with difficulty in the City to encourage and help them to overcome difficulties and strive up in life. 

After the Opening Ceremony, Hanoi Youth Union has ordered a response for “Youth Voluntary Year” 2014 with more practical activities, specifically members of Hanoi Youth Union such as: Sanitation on the road along To Lich ramp from Hoang Quoc Viet - Buoi to the intersection Dao Tan - Nguyen Khanh Toan; sweeping and collecting garbage and building materials; remove illegal ads across the entire Quan Hoa ward – CauGiay district, Hoang Quoc Viet road, Buoi ward; Youth Volunteer Teams of the rapid reaction in preserving traffic participation, ensure traffic order and safety, urban civilization; Organizing the performance of interactive dramas to the traffic culture for more than 750 high school students in Cau Giay district, Organizing consultancy , job placements for 1,500 college and university students of Ba Dinh, Cau Giay districts; Organising media team about "Year of Order and Urban Civilization"; Environmental protection, Building an elegant and civilized lifestyle, Consciously abide the law and culture while in traffic. 

The start of "Youth Month" 2014 in a very specific way with the meaningful works of Hanoi youths will be a practical activity in response to the “Year of Youth Volunteers” to build the capital towards prosperity, civilization and modernization.