HCYU Secretariat talks with distinguished secretaries of grass-root level youth unions

Web.HCYU.26/3/2013 - Morning of 25 March 2013, at Khan Quang Do Hotel in Hanoi, the HCYU Secretariat talked with distinguished grass-root level youth union secretaries of 2013. Mr Phan Van Mai, Permanent Secretary of the HCYU, Chairman of Vietnam Youth Federation and Mr Dang Quoc Toan, Secretary of the HCYU co-chaired the dialogue.

Opening the dialogue, Mr Dang Quoc Toan hoped the Secretaries would share all the problems and efficient solutions with Secretariat of the HCYU.

He emphasized that the HCYU Secretariat did not expect all the problems mentioned could be solved immediately, but those opinions exchanged during the dialogue would contribute to the most efficient methods to overcome later difficulties.

Accordingly, the ideas raised should focus on the Union’s education, vanguard role of its members in practicing socio-political missions; the member management work, youth union meetings, the building and strengthening of local youth organizations; proposals to the policies of the youth and the youth workers.

Overview of the Dialogue
Overview of the Dialogue

Mr Tran Phi Long, Secretary of Prime Group’s Youth Union of Vinh Phuc province raises the issue that businesses give high priority to profit; thus, the Union activities must be efficient to which the businesses support. He addressed the situation that almost young shift-workers and Youth officers in businesses are mainly part-time officers without allowance. Besides, there is need of house and healthy entertainment for the youth. 

He strongly recommended three efficient models, the first one is promoting the movement “Youth Creativity” among young workers through signing technical initiative commitments among Youth Union units in order to bring more profit to the company and more awards in “Youth Creativity” Competitions at all levels. The second model - improving skills to reduce occupational accidents practiced well by Union units via propagandizing work has contributed to occupational accident reduction. Environment protection consisting of the Youth gardens and the Youth tree lines is the third model carried out by Youth Union which has brought benefit to the businesses. 

Mr Long proposed to Secretariat of the HCYU enacting regulations to request businesses to pay allowance to part-time Youth officers, and defining more clearly that youth organizations in enterprises are equal to the district level and have full-time officers to be in charge of youth work; the youth Unions in enterprises need cooperate with local youth Unions to introduce members to take part in two-way activities, which helps local better gather the youth. 

From the practical activities in schools, Secretary of Youth Union at Tuyen Quang Boarding School for Ethnic, Ban Thi Kim Thanh said that the quality of mountainous schools depends on the ratio of students passing the university entrance exams; therefore, Board of Administrators directs teachers to focus on teaching to increase the number of students passing the entrance exams. However, oriented vocational training as well as university and career selection consultant work of both schools and families havebeen not paid attention yet. In addition, many students want to have a well-paid job right after graduating from high schools. 

Kim Thanh believed that Youth Union has lacked information propaganda of careers to consult and orient students. The Youth Union in school has asked several agencies within the province for information, but it is only internal information. It is necessary to get more practical and variable one. 

Secretary of Youth Union in Thanh Dan Commune, Cao Loc, Lang Son said the entertainment need of young people is always high. Currently, his commune has 8 hamlets and 12 Youth Union units. 7/8 hamlets have culture houses, but only have “the frames” finished. Besides, there is a lack of facilities and equipment, so Youth Union has to borrow people’s houses to organize activities. Thanh mentioned an example that to hold a sport activity, Youth Union had to rent a field with 1 million dong to make the playground for sport games such as: tug, stick pushing, etc. 

“Young people are easy to fall into social evils if there are no joint activities to attract them. Hence, this issue should be paid more attention with more projects and programs for the youth in remote areas,” Thanh emphasized.

Loi Thi Hong put forward solutions for Youth Union’s  activity funding
Loi Thi Hong put forward solutions for Youth Union’s activity funding

To finance Youth Union’s activities, Loi Thi Hong in Ngoc Lac Commune, Que Phong, Nghe An suggested the cooperation in organizing activities. In order to organize cultural and art activities for the youth, her Commune’s Youth Union coordinated with the Commune Cultural Committee; or worked with the Commune Public Security Committee to hold crime and drug prevention events… Thus, the expenses were funded by these committees.

Vo Thi My Phuong, the Secretary of Ward 4, District 8, Ho Chi Minh City, said that if these have been input mechanism for Youth workers, there should have output mechanism for them. Actually, the number of Youth workers obtaining university degree is not considerable. 

After 2 hours discussion, 12 opinions with various contents were talked over. On behalf of Secretariat of the HCYU, Mr Phan Van Mai, the Permanent Secretary of HCYU, had a speech in which he acknowledged the contribution of Youth officers at grass-root level. He underlined that it was the secretaries at grass-root level that were youth’s leaders. They were people side-by-side young people, facing actual obstacles at grass-root level; therefore, the Secretariat of the HCYU always appreciated the secretaries who determined the activities and maintained movements at grass-root level.

Mr Phan Van Mai – the Permanent Secretary of HCYU had a speech in the dialogue.
Mr Phan Van Mai, Permanent Secretary of HCYU gives a speech in the dialogue.

Through discussed opinions, Mr Mai noticed some emerging issues, in particular, there has been currently better operating mechanism for Youth Union work, better treatment for Youth officers and Youth Union’s members. However, although having petition to step by step resolve the difficulties nationwide, the Secretariat of HCYU continued to recognize and open for opinions to plan for new policy in the coming time. 

As regard to the funding of Youth Union’s activities at grass-root level, it is necessary to socialize the funding to have more resources serving for Youth Union’s activities. As a result, Youth officers should be always creative to draw support for Youth Union’s activities. 

As regard to Youth Union’s education, although information and propaganda documents are currently plentiful, they fail to access Youth Union at grass-root level and lack of interconnection to build up a joint strength in propaganda. Therefore, there should be a new and attractive education approach. “Unless there are the participation of all Youth Unions and members, Youth Union’s education won’t be successful”- Mr Mai affirmed. 

Besides, the education for the under-the-requirement youth, support for the youth after undergoing detoxification through activities encouraging them to start a new life, to join in clubs and support  job and capital for them,… are continuously given high priority. However, they are likely to back to crime. Thus, there should be a consistence of Youth Unions at all levels in methods, approaches to identify their thought and demand. 

He notified that, Youth and Organization works in school should be more effective, systematic to create space and time for Youth Union’s activities; skill training for students should be paid much attention, economy’s demand should be forecasted to well orient career to the youth. Vietnam Youth Federation’s work in school should be maintained if it works well, otherwise it should be reorganized and encourage models of clubs, teams and hobby groups. Youth Unions directly manage these activities. 

In terms of obstacles in organizing Youth Union and Organization in enterprises, Mr Mai suggested that, if enterprises do not have Youth Unions, there should have outside activities to propaganda and take care of young workers and then, encourage the enterprises to stimulate Youth Union and Organization activities. The establishment of Youth Union’s branches in inn quarters should also be of high importance. Dealing as well as sharing with anxieties of many secretaries joining in the talk about the output for Youth workers, the Permanent Secretary of HCYU required  that Youth Unions at grass-root level should timely and effective offer opinions to Party’s committees and authorities; pay attention to Youth workers’ training and cultivation, in which specialized Youth workers have to pass 2 – or – 3 –month – at – least cultivation course and have training certification; at the same time, equip necessary skills and knowledge for other Youth workers.