Effective propaganda with responsibility about significant events of the Nation and the Youth Union

 In the afternoon of July 9th, the Progress Meeting for the first six months of the year was held online, with the participation of the HCYU Central Committee's press and publishing agencies. Mr. Nguyen Tuong Lam – Secretary of the HCYU Central Committee presided over the meeting.

During the first six months of the year, the HCYU's news outlets and other dissemination media agencies had provided comprehensive, diverse, and timely information regarding the country's political and foreign affairs, most notably the 13th National Party Congress; the deputies election for the 15th National Assembly and People's Councils at all levels of the tenure 2021-2026; infection prevention and control for COVID-19 virus.

Mr. Nguyen Tuong Lam, Secretary of the HCYU spoke at the Meeting
Mr. Nguyen Tuong Lam, Secretary of the HCYU spoke at the Meeting

Concurrently, propaganda campaigns about the work of the
HCYU, VYF, HYPO and the youth movement had been extensively promoted. Newspapers had cooperated closely in tandem with the HCYU at all levels to diversify information sources; and had particularly, made tremendous contributions to the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union's 90th founding anniversary in the event’s critical time of active preparations. Additionally, the agencies had proactively created and devised a plethora of article categories, news, and forums in an effort to provide orientation and education for young generation, especially articles with profound knowledge about patriotism, exemplary characters, recent typical models of union members and the youth; issues garnering the vast majority of youngsters' attention.

In the first half of the year, newspapers agencies had prioritized the development of medias and communication channels on social networks such as Facebook and Tiktok, as well as the utilization of various modern forms of dissemination such as videoclip, infographic, motion-graphic, Maga story, longform, etc. to pique the interest of young readers.

Meanwhile, publishing outlets had actively resolved difficulties, diversified topics, content, and innovated formats, thereby satisfying the varied tastes of readers, particularly young readers, accomplishing the tasks assigned by the HCYU Central Committee in the matter of publications serving significant activities and events of the HCYU, VYF, and HYPO.

In response to the epidemic conditions and the resulting restrictions imposed by COVID-19, publishers had achieved timely solutions transforming new business forms such as buying and selling books online, publishing traditional books, in combination with e-book products, and had proposed several remedies adapting to the epidemic status-quo, ensuring propaganda and publication activities in the coming time.

Giving final words at the Meeting, Mr Nguyen Tuong Lam – Secretary of the HCYU Central Committee had expressed a deep empathy with the press agencies, publishing outlets as regards the challenges and negative impacts exerted by the COVID-19 epidemic in the first six months. Notwithstanding such unfavorable conditions, according to him, numerous fundamental political events of the nation and the HCYU had been comprehensively, promptly, and responsibly disseminated by press agencies, resulting in a widespread image of the HCYU and its members.

Within the final six months of the year, the Secretary requested that press agencies and publishing outlets closely comply with the work plan for 2021 for effective work implementation; adapt proactively and flexibly to the evolving pandemic conditions, while simultaneously devoting more meticulous attention to the analysis of the youth’s situation; researching and developing diversified article categories, as well as battling against misled information on cyberspace./.

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