Learning political theories to fulfill the mission of a member of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union

Web.HCYU.20/6/2020. On June 19th, the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU CC) organized a Teleconference executing political theory sessions to the Youth Union members with the online participation of 63 broadcasting locations of HCYU in provinces and cities.

Broadcasting location of HCYU CC in Hanoi welcomed the participation of Mr. Le Quoc Phong, Alternate Member of Party Central Committee, First Secretary of HCYU CC; Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan – Permanent Secretary of HCYU CC, President of Vietnam Youth Federation; Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Luong, Secretary of HCYU CC, President of Central Council  of Young Pioneer Organization.

HCYU always attaches much importance to its education work. 

Speaking at the conference’s opening, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Luong affirmed that the HCYU, as a socialist school for the youth for the last 90 years, always considers education work as an important part of its activities and the priority is educating political theories. He regarded this as a difficult task that needs to execute regularly, continuously, and constantly with ongoing renovation and creativity. Until now, educating political theories at the Youth Union has shown lots of new changes that are suitable for the youth. These changes include applying information technology and making use of social media. 

Mr. Le Quoc Phong stated that political theories learning had to be taken as a way for the Youth Union members to complete themselves, gain more political theories, and contain firm political braveries.
Mr. Le Quoc Phong stated that political theories learning had to be taken as a way for the Youth Union members to complete themselves, gain more political theories, and contain firm political braveries.

“Ho Chi Minh Youth Union with strong determination has helped the Youth Union members to acquire political theories, professional knowledge, build revolutionary ideas and firm political braveries by which the youth’s belief in Communist Party and the regime is affirmed to protect our Party and system.”, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Luong emphasized.

However, he also admitted that there are still some limits despite the positive outcome. These include the fact that some of the youth are lazy and passive in learning political theories; some of the core cadres are not drastic enough to enhance education quality; content of the study has not been upgraded regularly yet and the format is not that attractive and various. 

This time, there would be four lessons instead of six like the former. “This change does not only update new points of view and policies but also involve the result of researching both theoretically and practically. New lessons, which include basic and popular issue, are created directly, briefly and concisely upon the demands of the youth.”, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Luong added.  

Introduce and bring into practice the Political Theories Learning Portal for HCYU members.

In order to make it easier for the learning process, besides traditional classes, HCYU CC also introduced and brought into practice the Political Theories Learning Portal for HCYU members on June 19th. 

Youth Union members can access to study, do assignments and tests online, review anytime with the available questions. Cadres of local. The portal is available on both website and smartphones, which is convenient for learning, especially for members that are workers at industrial zones, export processing zones, etc.  

The portal also supplies information, materials of Marxism – Leninism, Ho Chi Minh Thought, Communist Party of Vietnam, HCYU, and other information on other organizations of Vietnamese youth. This can allow up to 10.000 visits accessing at the same time. 

Determine political theories learning to be an important mission.

“Executing political theories learning for the HCYU members was carried out long ago and there were lots of methods available. The approaching and executing process needs to be aware by every level of the Youth Union as well as every single cadre. This also needs to be provided fully and drastically to each member. Therefore, heighten the members’ awareness of learning political theories is necessary.”, Mr. Le Quoc Phong emphasized.  

In order to reach the goal that  until November 30th, 2020, 100% of the HCYU members would finish learning political theories and members living in local hierarchies would be able to learn new lessons, the cadres need to carry out plans and itineraries along with specific conditions. From 2021, Youth Union members would be able to learn political theories right after being admitted to the HCYU. 

Mr. Le Quoc Phong also pointed out that: “Beside the main points, we should try to combine reality in the locals, expand the lessons with vivid and realistic examples of the revolutionary movement, revolutionary tradition and specific local conditions. This would allow the teachings to be simpler for members to acquire knowledge more efficiently. The learning process should involve open questions for the members not to only understand the matter but also can discuss, share, and present their points for further understanding. If this was done properly and successfully, the value of learning political theories would not only be approaching new knowledge but also self-awareness and political bravery. This whole process needs to be involved with lots of discussion and different points of view.”


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