Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s Founding Day

Web.HCYU.31/01/2020. In the joyful atmosphere of the entire nation to celebrate the Lunar New Year 2020, the Party Executive Committee and the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU) Central Committee Secretariat solemnly held the 90th Anniversary of the Founding of Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) (February 3, 1930 - February 3, 2020) in the morning of January 31st at the Vietnam Youth Academy.

The ceremony saw the attendance of Mr. Le Quoc Phong, Alternate Member of the CPV Central Committee, First Secretary of the HCYU Central Committee, Secretary of the HCYU Central Committee’s Party; Ms. Do Viet Ha, Member of the Standing Committee, Head of the Mass Mobilization of the Party Committee of the Centrally-run Agencies’ Sector, together with other delegates from the Secretariat, Standing Committee, Executive Committee of HCYU.

Mr. Le Quoc Phong speaking at the ceremony
Mr. Le Quoc Phong speaking at the ceremony

90 years ago, on February 3rd, 1930, chaired by Leader Nguyen Ai Quoc, a Unification Conference was held in Hong Kong, China in order to form a Party named the Communist Party of Vietnam. Throughout the history, the Party has led the Vietnamese people to carry out successfully the August Revolution, establishing the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam, now the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, to defeat foreign invaders, to abolish the colonial and feudalist regime, to liberate and reunify the country, and then carry out the cause of renovation and socialist construction and firmly defend national independence.

Presenting at the ceremony, Mr. Le Quoc Phong briefed the situation of emulation, the efforts that the Party made in the past time and the future goals.
On this occasion, the Party Central Committee's Executive Committee presented 30-year Party membership badge to 4 Party members and congratulated 54 and 19 Party members who acquired their Party membership of 10 and 20 years, respectively.

Also within the framework of the program, there was a dialogue between Mr. Le Quoc Phong and elite Youth Union members of the organisation. The issues of strengthening the protection of the Party's ideological foundation, developing new Party members, etc were discussed. In particular, the problem that many young people were concerned about is  the situation where hostile forces have used social networks and other media as a way to intentionally spread false information, defaming the Party and State leaders.... Talking about this issue, Mr. Le Quoc Phong said: “In recent years, the whole Youth Union has been using many solutions to help young people and Youth Union members to be more aware and more responsible in terms of using social networks in a positive and effective way, so as to promote the strengths of social networks. The Youth Union at various levels has organized many programs, campaigns and orientations for youth union members in using social networks.”

At the same time, Mr. Le Quoc Phong also suggested that young people and Youth Union members should use social networks as a powerful tool to spread good examples, beautiful stories with the aims of bringing positive messages to everyone.