Conference of the Standing Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee: Discussion on important issues

Web.HCYU.22/9/2019. According to Mr. Le Quoc Phong, the establishment of the Youth Union works and movements in 2020 requires adherence to the Resolution of the 11th National Congress of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU), closely follow the results of the implementation of the targets in recent years, at the same time, requires new solutions and methods to promote the establishment of the Youth Union works and movements.

On September 21, the 9th Conference of the Standing Committee of the HCYU Central Committee (Course XI) took place to discuss and collect opinions on the Youth Union's works and movements in 2020, as well as the set of criteria for evaluating the Union work at provincial level in 2020. Mr. Le Quoc Phong, Alternate Member of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee, First Secretary of the HCYU and Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan , Permanent Secretary of the HCYU chaired the meeting.

Mr. Le Quoc Phong and Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan co-chaired the conference
Mr. Le Quoc Phong and Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan co-chaired the conference
Speaking at the opening of the conference, Mr. Le Quoc Phong noted that the two contents discussed in this conference are very important. According to the First Secretary, in 2020, many important events of the Party, the country and the nation will take place. Also, this will be the year that all localities will organize the Party Congress, heading towards the 13th National Party Congress. There will also be many even-yearly events to commemorate meaningful activities on revolutionary ideal education for Youth Union members and young people.
At the same time, in this year, the HCYU Central Committee will sum up its half-term. At the Conference, the Standing Committee members basically agreed with the theme of work in 2020 as "Vietnamese youth proud to move forward under the Party flag". In 2021, the theme is expected to be "Young people starting business and making a career". In 2022, it is objected to be "Establishing the Youth Union" (2018 was the theme of "Youth with creativity" year, 2019 was the "Year of Volunteer Youth"). As a result, in 5 years, the Youth Union will be able to deploy the 5 topics, associated with the implementation of the focused goals, which were pointed out in the Resolution of the 11th National Youth Union Congress.
Mr. Le Quoc Phong speaking at the conference
Mr. Le Quoc Phong speaking at the conference
In 2020, the Secretariat of the HCYU Central Committee proposed to continue implementing 11 targets of the term. Specifically, the first target: 100% of Youth Union members study and master the Party's resolutions and policies, 4 political theory lessons; 80% of young people are propagandized about the Resolution of the Party Congress at all levels as well as the Party guidelines. Target 2: Develop 2,000 models, solutions to help and support disadvantaged youth in communes, wards and towns. Target 3: Mobilize Union members and youth to propose 1.2 million ideas and initiatives. Target 4: Plant at least 6 million trees. Target 5: Support to borrow at least VND 2,000 billion for young people to do business. Target 6: Support 200 creative start-up projects of youth. Target 7: Career counseling for 2 million teenagers and job placement for 300,000 young people. Target 8: Construct at least 2,500 living and playing places for commune centers, wards and towns. Target 9: Support and help 300,000 disadvantaged children. Target 10: Admit one million Union members. Target 11: Introduce 250,000 elite members to the Party, in which at least 170,000 new members to be admitted.
At the conference, many comments from delegates were analyzed, evaluated, and explained. Also, necessary information was supplemented and clarified for the effective and right implementation in the coming time. Reportedly, these comments will be an important preparation step for the content of the conference of the Executive Committee to take place by the end of this year.Also at the conference, the list of 52 activities for Youth Union members planned to be organized in 2020 was concretized by the Central Committee. As a result, the Youth Union at all levels can take initiative in grasping and planning to implement practically, effectively and meaningfully.