Creative activities bring value to community

Web.HCYU.19.9.2018. The Youth Volunteer Campaign in the Summer 2018 has closed after three months of exciting deployment across Viet Nam with remarkable results. Tien Phong Newspaper had an interview with Mr. Nguyen Anh Tuan, Permanent Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee around the this year’s volunteer campaign.

What do you think about the Youth Volunteer Campaign in the Summer 2018?

With the theme "Youth Volunteer, Innovate for the Community", this year’s youth voluntary plan continues to be implemented under one program and four campaigns "Supporting Program for National Examination Candidates",  "Green Summer Campaign", " Red Phoenix Flowers Campaign "," Pink Holiday Campaign" and " Green March Campaign".

The campaign has attracted nearly 800 thousand rounds of participating youths in various volunteer activities. After 3 months of implementation, we have achieved many specific results, satisfying the objectives and requirements. This year, the organization and operation of the campaigns have been built and deployed based on the practical needs and situations of the localities as well as the missions of the youth union in current period.

HCYU Permanent Secretary Nguyen Anh Tuan encouraging youth volunteers during the campaign
Permanent Secretary Nguyen Anh Tuan encouraging youth volunteers

There were innovative ways of organizing activities in the direction of both widening the scope of implementing objects and strengthening the strength of each group. The youth unions of all levels have organized over 23,000 volunteer youth teams, in which focus, many unites focus on forming teams of experts, thereby promoting the strength of youth volunteers.

The good news is that the voluntary activities have help solving issues of social security, building new rural areas, civilized cities, protecting the environment and responding to climate change, especially the activities of paying gratitude to social families and participation in disaster recovery have created positive impacts, meeting the needs, aspirations and attracted a large number of youth and union members.

Would you share new aspects in terms of designing and implementing this year's volunteer campaign?

First of all, it can be seen clearly in the guidelines of the campaign. The overall spirit is that the campaign must specify the volunteer ideas and positions established in the “Youth Volunteer Movement” of the 11th National Youth Union Congress. Volunteer activities are carried out on the basis of maximizing the creativity of all levels of the youth unions and volunteers to achieve the highest results.

Creativity is clearly shown from establishing targets of youth mobilization, proposals for ideas and initiatives, setting nine target groups to closely follow the work-plan 2018 and the 11th Youth Union National Congress Resolution to select the content, renewing the methods for each volunteer activity.

This year, the youth unions have organized many activities to promote creativity among youths, such as: establishment of creative idea-bank portal, organizing creativity contest for young people, promoting creative startups, supporting creativity in planning and deployment of volunteer projects ...

Another new aspect is to clearly define locations and the areas to volunteer. This year campaign focuses on difficult areas: 93 poor and out-of-poverty districts, youth islands, areas contaminated with domestic waste in 28 coastal provinces and cities, special communes, coastal areas and islands . From this, it is possible to create unity, focus on the implementation of volunteer activities, bring about clear and practical, specific results. Many youth union units rearrange volunteer teams into an area to exploit available resources to build higher value youth work, thus solving the difficulties in the area.

What could the youth union members learn through the volunteer campaign?

Each youth volunteer would have memorable experiences during the campaign. It gives them the values to make life better and it is important that the members leave behind the positive contributions to the communities. From the campaign, young people have grown up, raised the sense of responsibility to the community and society.

I think the journey of summer volunteer is the journey of youth, the journey of growth for each young person in the process of learning, working as to build our country more prosperous and advanced. Within each work, there are efforts and sweats of youth volunteers.

Thank you.