Students need to be conscious in striving and learning

Web.HCYU.13.09.2018 – Ha Noi. Alternate Member of the CPV Central Committee, First Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, President of Viet Nam National Union of Students, Mr. Le Quoc Phong has paid a visit and made a speech at Vietnam Youth Academy on the opening ceremony for the academic year of 2018 – 2019.

In the academic year 2018 - 2019, Vietnam Youth Academy welcomes 516 fresh students of class 7th, in which 460 students will study at Hanoi’s campus and 56 students at the academy's campus in Ho Chi Minh City.

TO continuously improve the quality of education and training, Vietnam Youth Academy always attaches great importance to the quality of teaching, making the theory parallel with the practice, focusing on skills training for students and turning the learning process into a self-training process.

First Secretary Le Quoc Phong awarded scholarships to students with outstanding achievements in their studies, work of the youth union and students.
First Secretary Le Quoc Phong awards scholarships to students with outstanding achievements in their studies, work of the youth union and students.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr Le Quoc Phong recognized and praised the achievements of the Vietnam Youth Academy in training and fostering cadres of the youth unions of all levels.

"In the work of the youth union, cadres are the decisive factor. It was determined at the 11th National Congress of the Youth Union that cadres is considered as a breakthrough. Youth union organs will focus on many measures to improve the quality of the youth union officers, not only to serve the youth affairs and movements but also to provide a reliable human source for the political system".

“With the missions and roles, the Vietnam Youth Academy is tasked to train and become the destination for generations of the union cadres to study and gain professional knowledge and specialised training”.

Mr Le Quoc Phong said that the Vietnam Youth Academy has a significnat responsibility, from professional training to the provision of political cadres and lecturers. The tasks will reflect the quality of the cadres, contributing to the evaluation of the effectiveness of the cadres at all levels, a key factor showing the development of the youth movement in the country".

In inspiring the students, Mr Le Quoc Phong said that the success of each one needs two factors - the passion and creativity. It is much harder to become a trusted youth leader.

“Experience can be heard but to be transformed into own skills and effective work, it must be demanded within each person. Therefore, those students entering the new academic year should be conscious in effort, striving and learning; be prepared with their goals, directions, having specific plans, taking advantage of advanced training in youth work, turning the knowledge into a strong starting point to grow and accomplish successes in the future.”

The top youth leader shared that, as for the youth work, one must really passionate and enthusiastic to be able to succeed. This passion will guide us to recognize the difficulties and the challenges will become the opportunity to engage, find new ways, solutions to work. With passion and enthusiasm one can be successful.

The youth union cadres must warm their hearts with a passionate fire of youthful work, by diffusing and burning passionate flames in the younger generation.

The first secretary calls on the students, who have loved and become students of Vietnam Youth Academy, to spend their time and effort studying the traditions and generations of youth union cadres in order to nurture their passion. That is the foundation to succeed in the coming time.

On this occasion, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee awarded five scholarships (worth 7 million VND each) to students with outstanding achievements in their studies, work of the youth union and students.

The Vu A Dinh Scholarship Fund also awarded 16 scholarships (1 million VND each) for ethnic minority students to overcome difficulties and hardships. In addition, the Vietnam Youth Academy offered 15 scholarships to new students having difficult circumstances.