Strengthening measures to prevent drowning and injury in children

Web.HCYU.04/11/2018. Ho Chi Minh City, at the final session of the conference of the youth union standing committee, the senior youth officials exchanged ideas and discussed on the draft project for preventing and combating accidents, injuries and drowning among children.

According to meeting report, child accidents and injuries are increasing and of great concern not only in Viet Nam but also many developing countries. More than 900,000 children and adolescents under the age of 18 die each year from accidents and injuries, of which 90% are unintentional injuries and 95% of child injury-related deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.

At the meeting, head of department for youth mobilisation and solidarity Nguyen Thi Thu Van said one of the causes of injury in children is due to adult neglect, lack of relevant skills and abilities to protect themselves. Thus, coordination to equip children with care, management and first aid skills is very important; at the same time, it is important to have safe places to teach children swimming as well as to communicate with children about the significance of the exercise.

First Secretary Le Quoc Phong (left) speaks at the conference
First Secretary Le Quoc Phong (left) speaks at the conference

Representative of Ninh Binh provincial youth union Ms Dinh Thi Phuong stated that measures to prevent drowning should be more on comminicative solutions to prevent accidents and and other injuries, including solutions to prevent child abuse.

Commenting on this issue, Phu Tho Provincial Party Secretary Pham Thanh Tung added that the object of the project are children who need the support, so children must not be discriminated or disadvantaged. There should be additional activities to prevent drowning and injuries. He suggested making use of schoolyards as playgrounds for children to solve the space difficulties for activities.

Secretary of Dong Thap provincial youth union Nguyen Van Vu Minh commented that the central content of the project should be defined as prevention of child drowning; therefore resources should be directed to the beneficiaries and reducing the activities at the higher level; at the same time, enhancing capacities at the commune and equivalent levels.

First Secretary Le Quoc Phong suggested, during the process of formulating project and identifying measures, attention needs to be paid on relevant factors; solutions could be classified by age and categorising issues such as: prevention of drowning; traffic accident and self-protection skills, self-emergency for children. The top youth union leader also directed to strengthen the work of communications, focusing on children as main subject but also expanding informtion to their parents to increase the alert, and reducing the risk for children. In addition, good preparation should be made for effective implementation and development of toolkits and dedicated teams to coordinate and implement activities.