First secretary works with overseas Vietnamese in France

Web.HCYU.20/11/2015. Paris – Vietnamese officials responsible for youth affairs led by HCYU first secretary Nguyen Dac Vinh met and exchanged with students and overseas Vietnamese in the capital city of France on 19 November.

According to Ms Hoang Quynh Mai, Vietnamese Embassy’s official in charge of youth affairs, more than 6.500 Vietnamese students are studying in France and gathered in 23 branches across the country. Their activities include supporting newcomers in university life, promoting Vietnamese traditions and assisting students in getting part-time jobs.

Vietnamese youth union officials exchange with the overseas students in France
Overview of the meeting 

One of the major activities of the Vietnamese Students’ Association in France is preparing for the upcoming Vietnamese Students Festival in Europe.   

After listening to the advantages and difficulties of the overseas students in organizing those activities. First secretary Nguyen Dac Vinh spoke highly of the association’s effort in uniting and supporting its members.

The first secretary said “We will provide you with methods and experiences of organizing youth activities. Overseas students will be able to receive support and benefits as domestic students”. He shared that Vietnamese Government always encourage the overseas to learn Vietnamese. He suggested the student association to have a plan for connecting overseas Vietnamese communities through learning the mother tongue.

Speaking of domestic jobs, the perception of “getting a place a the State agencies” has been changed. There is even a plan for reducing numbers of the State’s officers. So “best way is active, getting prepared for the job market, taking the challenges and adapting to the changing environment” said the top youth leader.