First secretary met Vietnamese overseas students in Europe

Web.HCYU.15/11/2015. The Vietnamese youth delegation led by the first secretary of the central youth union visit and work with the Vietnamese overseas students studying in Austria, Slovakia and France. The working visit is expected running from 15 to 21/11/2015.

In Austria, Vietnamese Ambassador to Austria, Vu Viet Anh and many Vietnamese overseas received the youth official delegation on morning 15.11.2015.

In the meeting, first secretary Nguyen Dac Vinh updated the attendants about domestic socio-economic progress and preparations of the upcoming national party’s congress.

First secretary Nguyen Dac Vinh (standing, left) and Vietnamese Ambassador to Austria, Vu Viet Anh (right) exchange with Vietnamese overseas students in Austria
First secretary Nguyen Dac Vinh (standing, right) and Vietnamese Ambassador to Austria, Vu Viet Anh exchange with Vietnamese overseas students in Austria

Ambassador Vu Viet Anh informed the visiting youth officials about the current relationship between Vietnam and Austria, which has been increasingly enhanced through high level of official exchanges. He said there were 5.500 Vietnamese overseas people doing working and studying in the European country. The Vietnamese overseas are considered as hard working and law obeyed residents.

In the meeting with the students, first secretary Nguyen Dac Vinh said "facing the questions of what to do when returning home, I strongly believe that good students can develop anywhere. For that reason, I suggest you all think through".

Vienna University's student Duong Anh Quan, shared that there were many students studying abroad, considered as valuable human resource to country. However, the Central Students Association has not attracted the talents. As to field of research, returning students face inadequate facilities and lack of preferential policies for outstanding graduates.

Quan shared that every students wished to contribute to their country but many red tapes and corrupted treatments to the businesses. And the fact is those overseas students have not learned to deal with such bureaucracies.  

The top youth leader suggested young people should change their mindset, get hold of their lives and proactively combat the difficulties. They should learn to deal with the “game”. In the end, if you are good enough and competent, if you know the rules of law, no one can bully you.      

Mr Nguyen Dac Vinh shared that he used to be an overseas student himself. At the time he returned Vietnam to work for a national university, there was a shortage of research facilities. He was so disappointed. But then he thought it through, he made it before complaining. He had to adapt to the situations. The fact is there are many successful people when they return and work in Vietnam.     

In response to the need of establishing the Vietnamese Students Association in Austria, the top youth leader requested the Embassy to support the students in completing the necessary procedure.