First Secretary pays working visit to Phu Tho provincial youth union

Web.HCYU.08/4/2014. Phu Tho, a youth official delegation led by HCYU First Secretary Nguyen Dac Vinh paid a working visit to Phu Tho provincial youth union regarding the union work and youth movements of the province in 2014.

Present at the meeting includes Mr Bui Minh Chau, Deputy Secretary of the province CPV commission and senior representatives of the provincial departments of education and popularization, people mobilization, youth union standing committee of the province and senior officials from the HCYU Central. 

First Secretary Nguyen Dac Vinh concludes the working visit in Phu Tho
First Secretary Nguyen Dac Vinh concludes the working visit in Phu Tho

At the working session, Mr Pham Thanh Tung, Secretary of the provincial youth union, reports the results of implementing the work plan with the first quarter of 2014 to the delegation. 

According to the report, over 81,766 union members and volunteers involved in the Youth month 2014; 138 youth works at all levels; lightening nearly 6 km of rural roads; built 3 new charitable houses; 05 free sessions of medical checks were organized; 250 rounds of people were freely distributed; 400 doctors’ prescription were provided to difficult families.

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Bui Minh Chau, proposes youth union at all levels need to focus on tasks of economic development, eradicate the situation of youth in poverty; youth project must be effective, quality, and belong to youth. The party commission, people council and people committee will create favorable conditions for youth activities. 

Concluding the working session, First Secretary Nguyen Dac Vinh requests the provincial youth union paying attention to improve quality of the union members, including member admissions; contents of youth union meetings need to match with conditions of units and each youth union unit needs to rehabilitate at least one slow-progressed youth. The work must clearly identify as youth work and mobilize widely the youthful resources to contribute to community. The HCYU central committee will consider and support funding to build youth center.