HCYU Secretariat works in Hau Giang

Web.HCYU.17/03/2014. As planned, Secretary Nguyen Long Hai and his entourage visit and work with the Standing Committee of Hau Giang Provincial Youth Union regarding the implementation of contents and main tasks of the youth union in 2014.

Participated in the working session includes Mr Dinh Van Chung, Permanent Secretary of the Provincial Party Commission, Chairman of the People Council; Mr Bui Van Sau, Standing committee member of the party commission, Head of the People Mobilization department, Vice Chairman of Hau Giang Committee, Head of the Stirring committee for the youth volunteers year Hau Giang 2014.    

At the working session, the youth union standing committee reports the work plan such as results of the Directive 03-CT/TW on 14/5/2011 of the Politburo (session XI), Plan No 344-KH/TWDTN on 30/11/2011 of the HCYU Executive Central Committee on learning and practice following president Ho Chi Minh; Result 03-KL/TWDTN on 26/9/2013 of the 10th HCYU Executive Central Committee on organizing of the “Building youth role model in new period” movement; current situation of implementing the contents, work of the Year of Youth Volunteers 2014, several central agenda in the upcoming months and propose suggestions and recommendations, submitting to the Central Committee. 

HCYU Secretary Nguyen Long Hai speaks at the meeting
HCYU Secretary Nguyen Long Hai speaks at the meeting

The delegation of the HCYU Central exchange discussions on the contents and remedies to effectively implement the Directive 03 of the Politburo among youth union members and youth; carrying Drective 01 of the HCYU Standing Committee on “strengthening work style, ways of youth union staffs”, in particular the “Building youth role model in new period” movement to match with conditions of individual; activities of the youth volunteers 2014 must be practical, effective and create significant social impact.

Concluding the working session, Mr Nguyen Long Hai, Secretary of the HCYU Central praises activities of the provincial standing committee over the last period, the “Building youth role model in new period” movement has significantly impacted within officers, youth on the consciousness of self-improvement, training, learning and working, lifting revolutionary moral, fighting against the degraded moral, lifestyle, prevent bad habits forming in the collective and individual youth, step by step building Hau Giang youth generations of rich patriotism and socialist, having strong political capacity, following the law and having good ways of living, have dream and aspiration, overcoming difficulties in studying and working.   

At the same morning, the central union officials visit and work with a youth union unit at Chau Thanh A District of Hau Giang province.