More youth activities held between Vietnam and Cambodia

Web.HCYU. 26/12/2013. Hanoi, the Vietnam Youth Federation (VYF) and Cambodia Youth Federation (CYF) held talks and signed the Cooperation Agreement for period 2013-2017, in the morning of 25/12/2013 at the HCYU's headquaters.

Under the cooperation agreement, both parties are determined to cooperate and strengthen friendly traditional education for Vietnamese and Cambodian youths while proactively exchanging information while sharing experience on youth education, mobilization and activities organization. Moreover, high-level delegations are alternately entrusted with the visit while other delegations are tasked with attending vital events in political and youth aspects of the other country every year. Besides, it is important that friendly meetings among two-country youngsters be held.

Cooperative agreement between Vietnam Youth Federation and Cambodia Youth Federation signed
Cooperative agreement period 2013 - 2017 between Vietnam Youth Federation and Cambodia Youth Federation signed

Both the VYF and CYF additionally pledged to encourage and create favorable conditions for the central and provincial youth units and organizations of the partner countries to strengthen leadership and youth exchange. This action aimed at sharing experience in youth work, staff training and voluntary services while organizing friendly exchanges among young entrepreneurs, young intellectuals, students and children of the two countries. Furthermore, both parties vowed to organize voluntary community activities and sightseeing tour while coordinating to promote friendly relations as well as youth cooperation and exchange at border localities.

Furthermore, both parties agreed to support each other on regional and international forums while actively coordinating, assisting and conducting multilateral youth-exchange activities in the framework of Cambodia-Laos-Vietnam (CLV) Development Triangle Forum, ASEAN and ASEAN plus.

Addressing the meeting, Mr. Phan Van Mai, Permanent Secretary of the HCYU – cum- the President of VYF, proposed a number of specific activities that both VYF and CYF could implement in the upcoming year. For example, Vietnam would host Vietnam-Cambodia youth festival, followed by CLV one while supporting the CYF in training staffs who conduct youth work while tasking delegations with attending Ethnic Youth Cultural Festival in Siem Reap Province . Furthermore, Both Central VYF and CYF could together launch a project to address the challenges that the youth in two countries are facing in the integration process.

Also accepted the invitation by Mr. Hun Many, the President of CYF, a delegation of Vietnamese youth leaders would soon pay a visit to Cambodia to exchange experience and thoroughly discuss the Vietnam-Cambodia youth cooperation programs in 2013-2017, Mr. Phan Van Mai stated.