Northern Midland Region: Shifting Youth Union work and Youth movements, signing 2013 emulation covenant

Web.HCYU.06/05/2013 - On April 26th, in Ha Long City, Northern Midland Region held a shifting meeting on Youth Union work and Youth and Children movements in Quarter I, direction for the last 9 months of 2013 and signed 2013 emulation covenant. Ms Nguyen Thi Ha, Secretary of HCYU, President of the Central Council of Young Pioneers, chaired the conference.

Ms Nguyen Thi Ha, Secretary of HCYU, President of the Central Council of Young Pioneers addressed at the Conference.
Ms Nguyen Thi Ha, Secretary of HCYU, President of the Central Council of Young Pioneers addressed at the Conference.

Participating in the conference were Ms Vu Thanh Long, Deputy of Public Relation Committee of Quang Ninh Provincial CPV; Mr Nguyen Anh Tuan, Member of Standing Committee, Chief of the HCYU Office, youth leaders of Provincial Youth Unions in Northern Midland Region.

The shifting conference focused on evaluating striking results of Youth Union work and Youth movements in the first 3 months of 2013; and the key missions directed by Secretariat of the HCYU for the last 9 months of 2013. Accordingly, in the implementation of 2013 work theme “Effectively enhance Youth Union education”, sticking to the guide of Secretariat of the HCYU, Youth Union work and Youth movements in Northern Midland Region have been more creative and innovative in both contents and methods, making a comprehensive progress, organizing large-scale activities with creative methods which bring practical benefits. Besides, Provincial Youth Unions actively cooperate with other branches, unions, social organizations, and businesses to enrich the supporting resources for Youth Union activities. In the first quarter of 2013, Youth Unions at all levels specified the directions by programs, plans, and instructions as well as focused on directing and implementing the activities effectively. Basically, the results reach the targets with many new models, and creative methods which were deployed intensively and extensively to be close to the practical demand as well as gradually meet the youth aspiration. Thus, Youth Union activities could gain the support and appreciation from society in order to contribute to socio-economic development of provinces in the Region.

Particularly, provinces in the Region held sweeping political activities to celebrate the Communist Party and Quy Ty 2013 New Year; educated tradition, morality, life style, legal awareness and oriented Youth Union members, youngsters; organized activities to celebrate the success of the 10th National Congress of HCYU, held the activities to learn, grasp thoroughly and deploy the 10th National Congress of HCYU’s Resolutions, and build Action Programs to implement the Resolutions; propagated the Resolutions of National and Provincial Congresses through various creative ways. Steering in all levels of Youth Union to gather opinions from Youth Officers and Youth members on the amended draft of the 1992 Constitution, the draft Land Law (Revised) via conferences, forums, and Youth Union meetings.

The movements of “pioneering and accompanying” have really come to life of Youth members and been enthusiastically participated in by Youth members. They have made a great social effect in socio-economic development and local political mission implementation. Career orientation, vocational training, and job placement for the youth activities ; the movements of youth volunteer, youth’s intensive and extensive creativity have effectively attracted participation and increased the quality of youth gathering and uniting. Outstanding achievements of the Region are 672 youth projects of transferring science and technology applications in manufacturing and building new rural areas; comprehensively directing all Youth Unions to implement Green Sunday and Volunteer Saturday Programs which attracted 127,215 Youth members, youngsters, and residents to plant roughly 173,500 trees to renew the environment, dredge 74-kilometer canal and collect nearly 130 tons of rubbish. The Youth Unions also visited and gifted 5,320 presents worth 2 billion VND to families of war invalids, martyrs, poor & disadvantaged children; holding 9 blood donation events with the slogan “Sharing blood – Bringing hope” with the participation of over 12,000 youth turns and gaining approximately 5,100 blood units. The clinical and humanitarian dispensing activities were also paid attention by all agencies and units in the first 3 months. The Region has organized 23 medical examinations and humanitarian dispensing for 27,316 people with a total amount of 303 million VND.

All units in Northern Midland Region have agreed on the 2013 emulation covenant
All units in Northern Midland Region have agreed on the 2013 emulation covenant

Discussing in the Conference, representatives from Provincial Youth Unions in the Region confirmed the achievements in the first 3 months, and addressed the difficulties and obstacles, or shared the experiences, models, new and effective methods in the process of organizing the Youth activities and movements.

Speaking at the conference, Ms. Nguyen Thi Ha, Secretary of HCYU praised the results obtained in the first 3 months of the year, contributing to the overall success of the national Youth Union work and Youth movements and socio-economic stability.

In the coming time, she suggested the provincial Youth Unions of  the Region should make use of their advantages, concentrate on traditional education, and moral lifestyle on the basis of action plans to implement the 10th National and all level Congress of HCYU’s Resolutions, the provincial Youth Unions should work with provincial Standing Committee on the issues, especially human resource training, staff rotation, pay more attention to specify the year theme "Enhancing the effectiveness of  Youth Union education" to have directing solutions, strengthen in the final months of the year. In addition, it is essential to focus on the objectives and tasks assigned to the provincial Youth Unions, give priority to propagate hot issues like environment, traffic safety, inspecting, training, and fostering officers in accordance with their titles. In terms of immediate tasks, she emphasized that the provincial Youth Unions in the Region need organize the activities associated with the Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer Organization founding day, International Children's Day 1-6. Especially, they should care for the poor children in remote areas and organize activities in  summer youth volunteer campaign in a flexible way to launch and create dynamic movements among the youth.

On this occasion, the units in Northern Midland Region agreed on the 2013 emulation covenant.