Binh Phuoc: the Union’s activities should be suitable with youth

Web.HCYU.15/04/2013 - On 10 April 2013, Secretary of the HYCU Nguyen Manh Dung accompanied by a delegation visited and worked with Provincial Youth Union of Binh Phuoc.

Mr Vo Dinh Tuyen, Permanent Deputy Secretary of Provincial Committee of the CPV and Mr Tran Van Gom, Member of Provincial Standing Committee of the CPV, Chair of Provincial Commission for Mass Mobilization present at the meeting.

In the meeting, the Provincial Youth Union reported to the delegation and the provincial leaders on the overview of Binh Phuoc’s Youth work in recent years, achievements of the first quarter of 2013; the plan of studying the resolutions of the 10th Binh Phuoc’s Youth Union Congress and Provincial Youth Union; action plan to carry out the resolution of the 10th National Youth Union Congress and Provincial Youth Union Congress; action program for 2013, the achievements of Youth Month 2013; the results of the program “Supporting the Youth in Training and Creating Job Opportunities for period 2008 – 2015”; the pilot implementation of the movement “The youth join in building advanced urban areas” and building Youth Union organizations in the urban; the launching process of mobilization “The Youth contribute to building new rural areas”;; and the work’s results of Binh Phuoc’s Vietnamese Youth Federation through years as well as recommendations and proposals from Youth Union’s representatives in the locality.

Mr Nguyen Manh Dung – Secretary of HCYU have a speech at the meeting (Photo by HCYU).
Mr Nguyen Manh Dung – Secretary of HCYU have a speech at the meeting (Photo by HCYU).

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Nguyen Manh Dung recommended Binh Phuoc’s Youth Unions of all levels to focus on the quality of Youth Union’s education, particularly the promotion of propaganda; ethical, lifestyle and revolutionary ideal education for members of Youth Union.

He hoped that Binh Phuoc’s Youth Union made all its efforts to establish and develop a reporting, propagandist staff at every Youth Union level; especially it is of high importance to eradicate the movements which are faulty and for form’s sake, hold activities and models resulting from Youth Union units which match the young’s need nowadays and keep improving the quality of meetings at Youth Union unit both in rural and urban areas.

In the same day, the delegation had a meeting with Youth Union of Dong Xoai Town and listened to the report on achievements of the work of Town’s Youth Union and Youth and Children movements, the advantages, difficulties as well as troubles in the process of organizing activities in passing time.

Praising activities that town’s youth have done in recent time, Mr. Nguyen Manh Dung asked for executive committee and government keep taking care and facilitating youth work; at the same time, he also sympathized with difficulties appearing in Youth Union work and Youth and Children movements of the town.

In order to raise the effectiveness of Youth Union work and Youth and Children movements of the town, he recommended Town’s Youth Union to focus on implementing the study of the resolutions of 10th National Youth Union Congress and formulating specific action plan; set up two movements “Building advanced urban areas” and “Building new rural areas” to match with youth’s advantages and enthusiasm and benefit the youth; innovate and be flexible in Youth Union unit’s meeting; focusing in clubs, groups and teams while organizing the work of the Federation and youth movement to show clearer the skill and spirit as well as the characters of the Federation.