HCYU Secretariat works in Hung Yen

Web.HCYU.15/04/2013 - On 11 April 2013, Mr Nguyen Long Hai, Secretary of the HCYU headed a delegation to works with the Hung Yen HCYU Standing Committee on the Union missions and youth movements.

The delegation listened to the Provincial Youth Union reporting on: the study and application of the HCYU's resolutions; the youth’s comments on the Draft Revision of the Constitution 1992; the activities in the Youth Month 2013; the role of the Union bodies in the movements: building the new countryside, and staying close to the young setting their business; the local Youth Union activities; and some relative comments and requests to the Central Committee of the HCYU.

Mr Nguyen Long Hai had a speech at the meeting (Photo by HCYU).
Mr Nguyen Long Hai had a speech at the meeting (Photo by HCYU).

Speaking at the meeting, Mr Hai praised the reported results. For a greater efficiency of those activities, he suggested the standing committee should focus more on studying and realizing the Resolution of the 10th HCYU National Congress, and on the communication works, especially on the topics of ethics, morality and revolutionary ideology for the young. He requested that the provincial Union bodies must reform and continuingly refresh the themes in the Union regular meetings, avoiding formalism. Works of inspection and examination were also remarked and asked to be done practically.

In the same morning, the delegation had also a working session with the Executive Committee of the Khoai Chau District HCYU, listening to its report on the local Union works.