The HCYU works with Australian Political Exchange Council (APEC)

Web.HCYU.12/4/2013 – Hanoi, Mr Dang Quoc Toan, Secretary of the HCYU warmly welcomes the delegation from Australian Political Exchange Council (APEC), led by Ms Alison Vaughan, Director of Australia Labor Party's Fund at the HCYU's headquarters.

The APEC's delegation at the meeting (Photo by HCYU).
Ms Alison Vaughan (2nd from right) along with APEC's delegates at the meeting.

At the meeting, Mr. Dang Quoc Toan informs the delegates about the HCYU and HCYU's activities. The two sides discuss about youth mobilization, youth support in establishing career, youth education and other youth matters.

Besides, the two sides also exchange about Vietnam National Union of Students and Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association. And Vietnam National Union of Students hopes to establish Vietnamese Student Union in Australia and requests the support from the APEC.

At the end of the meeting, Mr Dang Quoc Toan expresses his hope for cooperation enhancing so that there will be more exchange programmes between two countries. He wishes the delegation a wonderful and successful trip in Vietnam.

The Two sides take photo at the HCYU's Headquarter (Photo by HCYU).
Attending delegates take photo at the HCYU's headquarters

Australian Political Exchange Council (APEC) is a government body, which was established in 1981. The Council's purpose is to provide opportunities for young Australians involved in politics to study the political systems of other countries, as well as offering a unique insight into the Australian political system to young people from participating exchange countries. The activities of the Council are funded through an annual appropriation to the Commonwealth Department of Finance and Deregulation. The Council also receives in-kind donations from organisations and individuals.

To Vietnam, from 1993, the two sides have annually sent 06 delegates to other country. In 2011, the two sides agreed to raise the number of delegates from 06 to 07 and 2013 is the 17th year of exchange programme. The delegates are from Australian Labor Party, Liberty Party and Australian Political Exchange Council.