Chairman of the National Assembly works with the HCYU Secretariat

Web.HCYU.28/03/2013 - Chairman of the National Assembly Nguyen Sinh Hung had a meeting with the Secretariat of HCYU on the works of receiving comments on the Draft Revision of the Constitution 1992 and of the results from the movement “New rural development building”.

At the meeting, Dr Nguyen Dac Vinh reported to Chairman Hung the participation of the Union’s members and the youth in general in giving comments on the Draft Revision of the Constitution 1992. “The Union’s members as well as the young all over the country have raised the spirit of responsibility, did earnestly take part in the Constitution revision”, said Dr Vinh.

He added that most of the remarks expressed the approval to the organization of receiving comments on the Draft Revision, and the awareness of this necessity for the country after 20 years of “Doi moi”.

Overview of the meeting
Overview of the meeting

According to the assessment of the Secretariat, the members and officers of the Union, together with the youth in general, have asserted their desire in building and defending the country, wholeheartedly follow the Party’s ideology, devote themselves to the Fatherland and the people. They have also stated many practical suggestions, which are helpful for the completion of a legal state, the one of people, by people and for people.

One of their unsettling concerns is that contents of the Article 36 item 5 and Article 66 of the Constitution 1992 are not included in the Draft Revision. The HCYU Standing Committee sent a petition to the National Assembly and the Committee for the Draft Revision of the Constitution 1992, in which they ask to retain these contents on the responsibility of HCYU in educating the young.

Dr Vinh added, after 2 years of implementing the movement “The youth join effort for new rural development”, the Union’s bodies at all levels have encouraged a huge amount among the members to join. Diversification in propagating is the highlight in the movement. With their creativity, flexibility and proactively, many units have taken charge for the infrastructure projects which are highly practical and efficient, yielding an exciting and emulative movement.

In the near future, in realizing the Project “HCYU in building the new countryside for the period 2013 – 2020”, the Union will continue to diversify its communication, strengthen the management of all the body levels, support the rural young in economic development and the special co-operatives of the young, attend to the vocational guidance and instruction, encourage the teams of “Young Intellectual Volunteers” to take part in the movement.

Speaking at the meeting, Chairman Hung asserted that the HCYU’s traditions through its foundation and development were the honor and pride of generations of the Union’s members in the course of Vietnam’s evolutionary history. He expressed the wish that all of these traditions would be upheld and contributed to the country development in the new era.

On the issue of the constitution revision, Chairman Hung said: Within the context of this new era, the Union’s members, with their intelligence and youthfulness, have to take part more in revising the Constitution.

Seriously stressing this issue, Chairman Hung once again confirmed the wish of the Party and the State that the Draft Revision must be the essence of all the countrymen including 26 million of the Vietnamese young. He also reminded the Union’s press and communication departments to focus on their own advantages to conduct efficiently their communicating works on the revision.

Chairman Hung pointed out that to build the new rural areas were a hard work, requiring the consistence, endurance and the critical role of the youth. He suggested the body should be more proactive and pursuit the matching objectives to their capacity. In this process, it must be seen that the central role of the farmer is critical.

Being receptive to the comments and requests from the youth on the Draft Revision of the constitution, Chairman Hung confirmed that he would consider them carefully and give instructions to the relating state organs in order to come up with a fine solution, so that it would be a real chance for the young to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.