A social network for youth is necessary

Web.HCYU.29/3/2013 – In an interview with the Government Web Portal, Mr Nguyen Van An, Secretary of the HCYU, Permanent Vice Chairman of the National Committee on Youth of Vietnam comments that a social network is not only a playground for youths to share their interests, but also a platform to share knowledge, experience, inspiration and direction for the youth movements.

Secretary Duong Van An: "There is a need for establishment of a social network for Vietnamese youth". (Demonstrating photo)
"There is a need for establishment of a social network for Vietnamese youth", said HCYU Secretary Duong Van An. (Demonstrating photo)

The HCYU Secretariat is proposing an establishment of a social network for Vietnamese youth and youth union members, Secretary Duong Van An shared.

Having witnessed an increasing usage of the Internet and growing social networks in responding to various demand of young people, it is necessary to have a social network for the youth.

Besides, the HCYU's internal system of 11 press and media agencies creates a strong foundation and capacity to build the youth's social network.

A link between the modern communication system of the HCYU and the youth’s social network in the future makes a part of many information channels. For example, instead of organizing a competition through printing newspapers, an online competition will be implemented to produce efficient results in terms of participants and money.

The Ho Chi Minh City Youth Union is using the Internet to hold a contest on learning about Marxism - Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts. It has attracted many young people to join.

“Therefore, a social network for youth will make the youth union’s activities not only more exciting in practice but also faster and wider reach to the mass of youth members”, Mr Duong Van An emphasized.

However, it is difficult to draw the participation of the youth in the context of the existence of many powerful social networks. To overcome the challenges, the Secretariat has assigned one team to study the helpful applications of social networks; it is to be done on the thorough, effective and determined basis.

The HCYU is cooperating with various government ministries and sectors, especially the Ministry of Information and Communication to take necessary steps to establish a social network for the youth.

“With this social network, it is of most importance to promote the good, prevent the bad throughout youth movements. The youth building this network will be the force for orienting information, fight against negative trends and spread youth’s great spirits”, said Mr Duong Van An.

The establishment of a social network for the youth contributes to promote the implementation’s effectiveness of major HCYU’s missions in gathering, training young people in a revolutionary environment, educating patriotism and loyalty to the regime, clearly determining responsibility to the young’s selves, family, society and the country.