Vietnam - Laos youth cooperation conference opens in Khanh Hoa

Web.HCYU. 28/03/2013 - A youth cooperation conference the bordering provinces between Vietnam and Laos held in Khanh Hoa, Vietnam in the afternoon of 28 March 2013.

The conference gathers 36 youth representatives from Laos led by Mr Khampha Phimason, Deputy Secretary of the Central Committee of Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union and 60 youth representatives from provinces, cities and union units of the HCYU led by Mr Phan Van Mai, Permanent Secretary of the HCYU Central Committee, President of the Vietnam Youth Federation.

This activity is under the cooperation framework (period 2012 – 2017) between the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and
Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union. It is aimed at strengthening the cooperation and understandings among youths of the two countries; especially, for those in the bordering pronvinces.   

Mr Phan Van Mai (left), Permanent Secretary of the HCYU addresses at the opening ceremony
Permanent Secretary Phan Van Mai (right) addresses at the opening ceremony in Khanh Hoa, Vietnam.

At the opening ceremony, Permanent Secretary Phan Van Mai greets the Laos delegation and appreciates the results of implementing the youth cooperation between the two unions. In particular, he praises the solidarity and friendship spirit between Vietnamse and Laos youths over the years.

Mr Phan Van Mai suggests the delegates to focus on evaluating results of the cooperation program between the bordering youth provincial unions over the years, and attempt to outline the direction of cooperation, bring into play measures to promote the role of youth in economic and social development; being vanguards in protecting boundaries of peace, cooperation and development.

Besides, the activities should be directed to the quality, effectiveness, contributing significantly to the friendship and solidarity among youths in the bordering provinces, Mr Mai added.

As scheduled, Mr Phan Van Mai and Mr Khampha Phimason will sign a memorandum of understanding for the conference on 29 March.

Prior to the meeting, the delegates visited Khanh Hoa Salangane Nest Company, a member of the Association of Khanh Hoa Young Entrepreneurs.