PM Nguyen Tan Dung works with the Secretariat of the HCYU

Web.HCYU.26/3/2013 - Following the Regulation on Coordination between the Government and the HCYU, on 24 March 2013 , PM Nguyen Tan Dung hold a meeting with the HCYU Secretariat to evaluate the results of the works on the young and youth over the last year and first three months of 2013.

At the working session, Dr Nguyen Dac Vinh, the First Secretary of HCYU reported to the PM the results from the youth work and movements during 2012 and the beginning months of 2013; the situation of the youth in 2012 and the results of realization on the programs, plans, instructions of the Government.

On the communication and education of the Union, there witnesses a profound change on the contents and methods. Models that have attractiveness, provide education through practical activities of the youth, promote self-educating and –training are highlighted and encouraged to implement.

The political and ideological education is attached to be innovated, especially on the organizing methods of disseminating and learning the resolutions of the Party and the Union. Attention is paid more on knowing the situation and instructing the public opinion of the youth, especially in difficult regions and religious ones.

In the first quarter of 2013, the Union focused on receiving comments on the Draft amendment of the Constitution 1992, through various channels such as the internet, conferences, forums, regular activities. In such way, the Union also exercises responsibility of the youth and of itself to the Fatherland, in accordance with instructing the public opinion, forming the appropriate awareness in a proportion of the youth who are lack of information, knowledge and an indomitable spirit.

View of the working session
View of the working session.

The education on tradition continues to be effectively and widely implemented via diverse and various forms, attracting a large amount of the young. The works on law education and dissemination are firmly kept with many efficient activities, such as widely informing the Law of Transport, the Joint Resolution of HCYU and the Ministry of Public Security on preventing the drugs among the young in the period of 2011 – 2015.

The movement “The 5 pioneerings in socio – economic development and national defense” and “The 4 accompanyings to help set up careers for the youth” is taking place with increasing efficiency, setting a good environment for the youth to practice; bringing into play the pioneering and voluntary role of the youth. The movement of competing in producing and doing business, building the new countryside gains much of pragmatic efficiency.

The movement “The youth volunteer” sees its striking development, being more professional in organizing. It is becoming a character of the youth movement, highly appreciated by the society. Besides, the works on the Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer Organization and attending for the young and children continues to be attached to.

At the work meeting, PM Dung and the leaders from the ministries and central offices considered and gave specific comments on the requests of HCYU, such as the one in allowance for HCYU to cooperate with the Vietnam Social Policy Bank to prepare the Plan of founding the Supporting Fund for the Young setting their business. This fund will finance producing and business plans from the youth’s co-operative groups. Another request is on establishing the special mechanism to secure the progress in the Union works that have been approved by the Government. The request to be authorized to cooperate with the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism for the Plan “Planning the historical sites of HCYU and HYPO” was also raised.

Speaking at the meeting, PM Dung highly evaluated and praised HCYU with its positive results over the past period, remarkably the ones of successfully organizing the Union Congress at levels; of well-done works in education, communication and in building the Union, the Organization and the Federation; of better attention for the young, the youth and children’s interests; of efficiently implementation the pioneering activities.

On behalf of the Government, PM Dung sending the best wishes to the Union’s officers, members, the young and children all over the country on the occasion of 82 year the founding day of HCYU
On behalf of the Government, PM Dung sends his best wishes to the Union’s officers, members, youths and children all over the country on the occasion of 82th anniversary of HCYU.

PM Dung expressed his wish that HCYU, in functioning its role and completing its missions, continues the good achieved results, trying its best to contribute more to the work of building and developing the country.

In the first place, the Union needs special concentration on educating and informing the youth, who are the critical force, the future of the country, on patriotism and regime affection. Thus, each and every of the young can clearly define their responsibility to themselves, to their families, the society and the country.

In addition, the Union need to attend for the right interests of the young, the youth and the children, to extend and strengthen its united front of the youth; to practice efficiently the organization works, ensuring that the bodies will last sustainably, avoiding formalism; to support the youth with the access to studies, scientific researches and talent development…

The PM also asked the Secretariat to boost the movements “the pioneering five and the accompanying four” to set up a sound environment for the young to practice and bring into play their roles. He asked the Secretariat to well coordinate with the authorities at levels to function properly and efficiently.

PM Nguyen Tan Dung has a group photo with the HCYU delegations
PM Nguyen Tan Dung has a group photo with the HCYU delegations.

In another course, on the same day morning, at the Government Office, PM Dung had a meeting with “the most ten exemplary young faces” in Vietnam in 2012, voted by HCYU and the Supporting Fund for Young Talents.

The PM stressed that this is a privilege title from HCYU and wished those “exemplary young faces” continue to perfect themselves, deserving the presented title, practically pay contribution to the building and defense of the country.

The PM also asked HCYU and the Fund to push up these practical activities with an improving efficiency.