VYF gathers inputs for the Amendment of 1992 Constitution

Web.HCYU.03/03/2013 – The Central Committee of the Vietnam Youth Federation (VYF) held a conference on 01 March 2013 for comments on the amendment draft of the Constitution in 1992 to mobilize intellectual and enthusiasm, and raise awareness and responsibilities of all levels of the Federation.

Mr Phan Van Mai, HCYU’s Secretary, President of the Vietnam Youth Federation directing the conference
Mr Phan Van Mai, HCYU’s Secretary, President of VYF, directs the conference

The conference was chaired by Mr Phan Van Mai, HCYU’s Secretary, President of the VYF and Mr Nguyen Phi Long-Vice President of the VYF.

Constitution is an important legal political document, a factor to ensure social and political stability along with national sovereignty. It displays the nature of democracy, progress of the country and political system.

Regarding as a fundamental law of our country, the Constitution possesses the highest power in the legal system. Gathering people's opinions for the draft of the Constitution is significant which requires broad and serious participation of citizens as a whole.

Having recognized the importance of youth participation in the process of building and defending the country, the conference agreed that the Amendment draft to the Constitution should retain the provisions of Article 66 in the current version.

Ms Thao Thi Thuy Linh raising concerns over the draft
Ms Thao Thi Thuy Linh gives comments on the Constitution's draft

Thao Thi Thuy Linh, a Mong ethnic delegate of Yen Bai emphasized the need to retain and improve the Article 66 in which "The youth is the central of family, the Government and society. There is a need to facilitate the conditions for the youth to learn, work and entertain as well as enabling of physical and intellectual development; enriching moral and national traditions; enhancing civic consciousness and socialist ideals in the course of becoming the lead in the process of creating and defending the country ".

This provision focuses on the role of youth in society as they play an important part in the community which represents for the strength of the nation. Strong youth make a strong nation; national strength is made up partly of the youth’s; the success of the innovation largely depends on the youth force and the fostering, training and educating of the young generations. Ms Thao hoped that the provisions would be implemented effectively.

Trinh Cong Thanh, President of Hanoi Disabled Youth Association- also stated his desire to keep the Article 66 of the current Constitution in order to emphasize the position and role of the youth being the current and future owners of the country; it is considered a motivation for the young disabled to strive for social integration.

The esteemed Thich Thanh Cuong of Hai Duong Buddhist Association commented that the Article 66 stated specifically and clearly the rights of the youth to have support from their families, the Government and society as a whole.

Assoc. Prof. Bui The Duy, Director of the Vietnamese Youth Academy, Vice president of the VYF said that retaining the Article 66 is essential in determining the rights and responsibilities of the youth set the foundation for the construction of the youth laws.

Sharing the same point of view on the need to be clarified and specified about younger generation laws in the draft, institutionalize the Party's viewpoint on the Resolution 25 aiming at strengthening the leadership of the Party on youth work, Dr. Tran Van Mieu - Former Director of the Center of Culture and Education for Youth recommended that there need to set up laws on the youth’s responsibility for learning and practicing to become good citizens and high-quality human resources.

In the spirit of hard working, the participants had also made significantly practical contributions to other important issues of the draft.