Agreement between the former and current HCYU officials signed

Web.HCYU. 19.01.2013. Bac Ninh 08 Jan 2013, representatives of the HCYU Secretariat and Communications Committee of the HCYU’s former officials signed an Agreement of Regulations on Coordination to promote the HCYU’s tradition, enhance the relationship and raise the effectiveness of working.

Head of Communications Committee, Vu Mao (right) and the HCYU First Secretary, Dr. Nguyen Dac Vinh at the signing ceremony
Head of Communications Committee, Vu Mao (right) and the HCYU First Secretary, Dr. Nguyen Dac Vinh (left) at the signing ceremony

In the framework of the first HCYU Standing Committee’s conference, the HCYU open the signing ceremony for regulations on coordination with the Communications Committee of HCYU’s former members on 18 January 2013 in Bac Ninh province.

Attendants are the former first Secretary of the HCYU, Vu Mao, head of Communications Committee, current HCYU first Secretary, Dr. Nguyen Dac Vinh, alternate member of the CPV Central Executive Committee alongside other members of the Secretariat, the Standing Committee as well as senior former officials of the HCYU.

In March each year, according to the results of the signing ceremony, the HCYU will work with the Communications Committee to analyse results of coordination for the whole previous year and discuss agenda for the following year.

On the occasion of former members’ reunion, designated on every 26th of March, the representative of the Central Executive Committee of HCYU will join the meeting; report the result of the coordination; gather inputs of the former members for the HCYU’s important documents.

Besides, on behalf of HCYU, the Secretariat representative will invite members of the Communications Committee to take part in researching, evaluating documents regarding history of the HCYU, Union of Students, Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer Organisation as well as  youth and children movements in effort of harmonising members’ and people’s activities.

In addition, the Communications Committee will be responsible for encouraging its former members to preserve and further promote the nature and tradition of the HCYU, actively build and protect the Party, the regime, fight against the wrongdoings, corruption, waste of national resources. Moreover, the Committee will help continue educating the young generations of Vietnam in order to contribute to the development of the HCYU’s work and its movements.