Youth: Aspirations for building the country

Web.HCYU. 07/12/2012. The online chat under the theme of “Youth: Aspirations for building the country” successfully completed at Tien Phong Newspaper. In more than two hours, the invited guests had received 192 questions from young people and the Union members in which 63 questions had been thoroughly answered.

All Secretariat members of the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, youth representatives and Miss Vietnam 2012 also presented.

Invited guests at Tien Phong Newspaper
Invited guests at Tien Phong Newspaper

In his opening speech, Dr. Nguyen Dac Vinh, First Secretary of the Union highlighted that 
under the theme "Youth: Aspirations for building the country" ahead of the upcoming 10th National Congress of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, this is a great opportunity for the Secretariat to listen and appreciate the feelings, desires and needs of the youth Union members and Vietnamese youths as a whole; at the same time, to share and answer concerns of young readers. From which, the HCYU wishes to explore new and innovative solutions, help develop better youth movements so that it will truly become a friend of the youth on the way of building and defending the Fatherland of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. 

Dr. Dac Vinh also hoped those online readers, who were participating in this occasion, shared their views on some of the central issues relating the 10th HCYU National Congress. 

Dr Nguyen Dac Vinh concludes the online interview
Dr Nguyen Dac Vinh (standing) at the online interview

The session started at 14.00. and it was divided into various topics. On exploring methods to attract and reach more youths, Nguyen Tuan Anh from the Vietnamese Students and Youths Association in California, US raised 02 questions. (1) Youth are facing different information from different sources, what does the Union do to help young people and students abroad get hold of accurate information? (2) There are many examples of overseas Vietnamese youths and students returning Vietnam and positively contributing to the community and the country. Does the Union have any programs to motivate and encourage them?

Dr. Nguyen Dac Vinh, First Secretary answered (1) Tien Phong and Thanh Nien Newspapers are the voices of the Union. We would like the overseas Vietnamese youths to take the time to read the electronic edition of these newspapers as well as those of the Party and State. Information relating to the Union’s activities is regularly updated on (2) Each year, the Central of the Vietnam National Union of Students awards the “Sao thang Gieng” for outstanding students and staff who gained remarkable achievements. Besides, the Central Youth Union invites youth representatives return Vietnam for significant events held by the Union. However, due to constrained capacity, we have not cared much the young people abroad; we acknowledge this and will work our best in the next term. 

Dang Tat Dung, a PhD from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom shared "There seems to have a “competition” between Vietnamese students and youth associations and other youth groups both domestically and internationally in attracting young members, in terms of information in particular. Whoever can convey rich, diverse and relevant information would see large number of youths following. The HCYU have the advantage of owning the national newspapers such as Thanh Nien and Tien Phong newspapers, as well as series of TV Youth Channels and its systematic information. However, there appears opinions in several youth forums and social networks that youths may not fully understand the Union; thus, not going along well with its activities. This raises questions whether the roles of the Union in directing and orientating public concerns and share with the youth are not strong enough. To promptly "accompany" with the youth, in the coming term, how the Union would “renovate” methods of communication to strengthen the attraction of youth?”

Permanent Secretary Phan Van Mai at Tien Phong Newspaper's office
Permanent Secretary Phan Van Mai (left) at Tien Phong Newspaper's office

Mr Phan Van Mai, Permanent Secretary replied "
The Union appreciates and takes your thoughts and comments carefully. In the next term, we will focus on this aspect of youth work. First is to modernize method of communication, enhancing the existing information channels, then strengthening ways of approaching youths through social networks. Thank you for your helpful suggestions and we will research and develop appropriately”.

At 16h20' the session ended. Dr Nguyen Dac Vinh and the Editor -in -Chief Le Xuan Son concluded the online interaction with thanks the guests and specially to the participating readers from Vietnam and abroad.