Continuously innovating movements matching with the demand and legitimate aspiration of the youth

Web.HCYU: On 6 October 2012 at the Vietnam Youth Academy, the Central Committee of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union held a seminar on “The theoretical and practical basis for building direction and method for the youth union’s activities and movements in period 2012-2017”.

In the seminar, scientists, lecturers and leaders of divisions and units of the Central Committee of Youth Union discussed issues regarding the current situation of the youth, focuses and methods of the Youth Union for the next term.

View of the seminar
View of the seminar

In terms of current situation of the youth, many delegates agreed that young people nowadays had many strong points, especially, their profound patriotism, spirit of pioneering and volunteering for society’s benefit, their determination and readiness for international integration.

However, it is necessary to pay more attention to several youth-related issues such as the contradiction between viewpoints and practical acts of the youth, notably towards social negative problems; cheating in learning and examinations; poor labor skills; some harmful trends in the new lifestyle imported from foreign countries; the increasing complication of adolescent crimes.

Facing this situation, delegates stated that the Youth Union need keep innovating its curent activities to meet the practical requirements and the youth’s demand. Prof. Vũ Hồng Tiến, the Permanent Deputy Director of the Vietnam Youth Academy, believed that it is of high importance to put youth movements and youth’s demand and aspiration in the relationship between “the public” and “the personal”. Hence, youth movements should best reflect the legitimate aspiration and the need of young people. Prof. Tiến also put forward the idea of focusing on quality, not just quantity. Basing on systems theory, it is of high necessity to choose the “highlights”, the main points helping to improve the Youth Union activities and Youth movements.

PhD. Dương Tự Đam thought that it was not necessary to change the movement termly, because it took time to make the movement accessible to the youth. He asserted that the movements“5 pioneers for socio-economic development and national defense” and“4 companions for the youth’s maturity and career” began proving their effectiveness and created positive effects. In the next term, the ideas and contents of these movements should be not only maintained and developed but also modified in accordance with new circumstance.

In the same topic, PhD. Nguyễn Văn Thanh, from Vietnam Youth Academy, suggested an idea of the “new” factors in the Youth Union’s activities. In new age, with new challenges, new thought and new style are crucially required. In designing and holding the Youth Union’s activities, systematical thinking and foresight are needed. In addition, he also wished the Youth Union to be the pioneer in acquiring science and technology, developing creative thinking of the youth; raising the status of the movement “Creative Youth” to promote and make the most of the youth’s potential in national development.

Ph.D Lê Văn Cầu made a speech in the seminar
Ph.D Lê Văn Cầu made a speech in the seminar

Back to the fundamental function of the Youth Union of being a “school of socialism for the youth”, Ph.D Lê Văn Cầu, editor-in-chief of Thanhnien Magazine believed that education should be the base for the Union’s activities, the measure of the effectiveness of the movement. In education, education on political thinking, especially studying Marxism and Leninism, Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts need to be put at center. Education should be performed through revolutionary movement aiming at creating training environment for the youth; through building strong Youth Union as well as raising the quality of its members; through gathering, uniting a great number of young people. He affirmed that in this current situation, to be attractive and suitable for young people, the education method of the Youth Union should be innovated, of which “self- education” and “self-training” of the members and young people should be paid much attention.

Opinions, scientific viewpoints of experts, lecturers from Vietnam Youth Academy illustrated many matters of theory and practice in Youth Union’s activities and Youth movement.  Agreeing on these opinions, Cde., Phan Văn Mãi, Permanent Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, reaffirmed that this is the basis for researching and suggesting new direction for Youth Union’s activities and youth movements in the next term.

In the light of the result of the seminar, the Secretariat of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Board of Directors of the subject continue considering to improve the overview and draft political report in 10th National Congress of Youth Union.

The seminar was organized in the framework of ministry-level research “The Overview of the Youth’s Situation, Youth Union Activities and Youth Movement Period 2007-2012”.