Traffic safety on the occasion of New Year 2019

Web.HCYU.28.12.2018. Hanoi. The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee's Secretariat proposes that provincial, city unions and subordinate youth groups to focus on traffic safety for youths on the occasion of the New Year 2019, Lunar New Year and Spring Festival 2019.

The Secretariat has just issued Official Document No. 2081-CV/TWDTN-ĐKTHTN dated 26 January 2018 on the organization of activities to ensure traffic safety for the Lunar New Year (Tet) and Spring Festival of 2019 with the contents include:

1. Stepping up communication and dissemination of legislation on traffic order and safety, raising the awareness of traffic participants in the observance of traffic law and order; communicating, mobilizing youth union members not to drink alcohol and beer when participating in traffic; wear helmets when participating in traffic by motorcycles and electric bicycles; motorcycles do not carry more than the prescribed number; ensure traffic safety at roads crossing with the railway; the provisions of the law to ensure safety in transportation by car, inland waterway and railway.

A youth union member encourages schook kid to wear helmet
A youth union member encourages school kid to wear helmet

2. Establishing and maintaining activities of youth volunteer teams to guide the traffic, relieve traffic congestion in densely populated areas, festivals, traffic routes have many intersections, hidden road sections, hidden roads with high risk of accidents, intersections between railways and roads.

3. Launching the emulation in the union members, young traffic police and traffic inspectors to promote propaganda, patrol and implement the provisions of the law on road traffic.

Reports on the results of the activities to ensure traffic order and safety during the Lunar New Year and the Spring Festival of 2019 to the Secretariat of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee through the Youth Solidarity and Mass Mobilisation Department, 64 Ba Trieu St, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, before 20 February 2019.