Inauguration of youth project with drip irrigation system powered by solar energy

Web.HCYU.19/4/2021. On the morning of April 18, at the Bác Cổ slope flower garden, the Central Committee of the HCYU, the Embassy of Israel, the People's Committee of Hoan Kiem District organized the program "Clean & Green", inaugurated the project with drip irrigation system powered by energy sun for the flower garden on the occasion of Earth Day (April 22).

Speaking at the program, HCYUCC Secretary Ngo Van Cuong affirmed: the event helps citizens, as well as Youth Union members raise awareness about environmental protection and response to climate change. On this occasion, the Secretariat of the HCYUCC proposed all levels of the Youth Union to organize practical activities in accordance with the practical conditions to respond to Earth Day, join hands to protect the environment and respond to climate change, especially in response to the Prime Minister's initiative to plant 1 billion trees.

At the event, the Embassy of Israel launched a solar drip irrigation system at the Bác Cổ flower garden as a gift to Hanoi city. This system is an Israeli invention, using electricity from solar panels and pre-programmed pumping stations to save irrigation water for crops, bring high efficiency and reduce emissions causing environmental pollution.

Israel is the world leading country in water conservation, water reuse and smart water use. Offering the city an economical irrigation system affirms Israel's commitment to support Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general in environmental protection, creating a green and clean society.

"This is a small but meaningful gift to Hanoi city. I  hope it may convey the message to the young generation of Vietnam- the force will contribute more to a green, clean, beautiful environment and protect the environment in future" said Ambassador of Israel to Vietnam Nadav Eshcar.

In the framework of the program, there is also the activity "Paper for trees" to encourage people to bring waste such as batteries, articles made of paper, plastic and metal to the event to collect, recycle and exchange decorative greenery; demonstration of Israeli biogas technology and photo exhibition of eco-friendly technologies of this country./.


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