Promoting youth cooperation between Viet Nam and Thailand

Web.HCYU.21/7/2020. In the morning of June 21st, Mr. Le Quoc Phong – Alternate member of the Central Executive Committee of Communist Party of Viet Nam, First Secretary of HCYU, Chairman of the National Committee on Youth of Viet Nam (NCYV) received Mr. Tanee Sangrat, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand to Vietnam.

On behalf of the HCYU and the NCYV, Mr. Le Quoc Phong sends the warmest welcome and thanks to Ambassador Tanee Sangrat and officials at the Thailand Embassy for paying a visit to the HCYU Headquarters.

Mr. Le Quoc Phong presented souvenir to Mr. Tanee Sangrat
Mr. Le Quoc Phong presented souvenir to Mr. Tanee Sangrat

At the meeting, Mr. Phong gave a brief introduction about the Vietnamese youth, the HCYU, the NCYV and other Vietnamese youth organizations. He also introduced 3 on-going movements of the HCYU which are Youth volunteer

, Youth with innovation and Youth pioneering to defend the Homeland; along with 3 supporting youth programs: Supporting youth in studying; Supporting youth in business start-up and self-establishment; Supporting youth in life-skills training and development, and in improvement of physical health, cultural and spiritual living standards.

Mr. Phong expressed his wish that Mr. Tanee Sangrat would provide his interest and support to create opportunities for the HCYU, NCYV and other organizations to have a closer contact with Thailand’s youth’s works, thus creating more co-operative programs. 

Mr. Phong also hoped that the relationship between the two countries would be a great advantage for the effectiveness of the future collaborations.

Within the meeting, Ambassador Tanee Sangrat mentioned 3 matters of interest: actuating the economic relationship between Thailand and Vietnam; to promote cooperation and strengthening strategic partnership development between the two countries; enhancing people-to-people exchange, in which youth cooperation is an important channel.

According to Mr. Sangrat, understanding more about the HCYU and its movements in the 2017 – 2022 tenure would be a necessity for the Embassy of Thailand to actuate the partnership between two countries.

“I truly want to promote this co-operation between youth organizations and authorities of the two countries. I firmly believe that co-operation between young people is one of the fundamentals that ensure our partnership in the future.”, said Mr. Tanee Sangrat.

Mr. Le Quoc Phong introduced the development process of the HCYU to the Thai delegation
Mr. Le Quoc Phong introduced the development process of the HCYU to the Thai delegation

Both sides believe that with the current state of Vietnam – Thailand relationship, the youth of both countries will have the opportunities to enjoy many co-operative activities: training young human resources, enhancing ability to seek for jobs, vocational training, youth volunteer and exchanging young parliamentarians of the two countries.