World Bank supports youth activities in Vietnam

Web.HCYU.17/11/2015. Hanoi – Mr Nguyen Phi Long, HCYU Secretary, and President of Vietnam Youth Federation received Mrs Victoria Kwa Kwa – Country Director of World Bank Vietnam and East Asia and Pacific Region to visit and exchange on youth matters and possibility of cooperations.

At the meeting, the youth president shared with the Bank’s director about youth activities and those social movements that significantly contribute to the millennium development goals of Vietnam such as environment protection, start-ups support, disease prevention, social resource mobilization and reducing level of poverty and illiteracy.   

Overview of the meeting
Overview of the meeting

The youth leader also stressed that through the meaningful movements, the central youth union and youth federation has assisted many young people in self development and career establishment, hunger eradication and poverty reduction.

These programs focused on the disabled, rural and ethnic minority and religious youths. Through which, the youth can have equal opportunities and together contribute to society and country as a whole.      

Mr Nguyen Phi Long hoped that the relationship between World Bank and the Youth Union will be strengthened. Besides the programs on gender equity, prevention of social evils, environment protection, and climate change, the two organizations should help the youth to realize their potential with the support of the Bank.

Talking at the meeting, Mrs Victoria Kwa Kwa recognized the effort of the union in coordinating with the UN in the gender equity project “HeforShe”. The project has helped improve perceptions and mindset about equality between men and women when they participate in the socio-economic activities in Vietnam.   

Mrs Kwa Kwa also emphasized the roles of the youth in the country development. She highlighted the rightful activities and directions in encouraging the youth in social activities and particularly include various youth groups into the programs.    

The country WB director provided the attendants with relevant projects and the Bank’s procedures. She expressed her strong support to forming cooperation between the bank and the central youth union in the near future.