VVC and KOICA expand volunteer cooperation

Web.HCYU.23/4/2014. Hanoi, Vietnam Volunteer Centre (VVC) has worked with representatives of the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) on 16 April at the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union's headquarters.

The working session has been participated by Mr Vu Minh Ly, HCYU executive committee member, deputy head of the Youth Solidarity and Mobilization, director of the VVC; Mr Kim Min Jong, representative of the KOICA in Vietnam and people-in-charge of two agencies.

At the meeting, Mr Ly informed the representatives about the volunteer movements of Vietnamese youth, shared information about volunteering projects and programs implemented by the VVC.

Mr Vu Minh Ly (central right) exchanges with Mr Mr Kim Min Jong (central left) on 16 April 2014
Mr Vu Minh Ly (central right) exchanges with Mr Mr Kim Min Jong (central left) on 16 April 2014

Mr Ly mentions the cooperation strategy outlined by the two countries’ leaders on the official visit of Ms Park Geun Hye to Vietnam in September 2013. As a result, “promoting cooperation between youth and volunteerism will contribute to put the goal of two Presidents in reality”.

According to Mr. Kim Min Jong, KOICA in Vietnam is expanding volunteerism programs to several provinces in the Mekong Delta and Northern Mountains. His expectation is both sides will together set up practical projects and programs in those provinces. Mr Kim says the VVC should be a focal place to introduce and connect the governmental ministries, departments, agencies and local bodies for the purpose of organizing and receiving the volunteers in the coming years. Especially, highly qualified experts can volunteer in places where needed most.

The two have agreed to cooperate on a number of specific contents including designing, organizing, coordinating for volunteers to Vietnam; VVC will be the focal point for the collaboration with KOICA to organize volunteerism programs and projects.

During 7-8/2014, the two sides will cooperate and deploy models of volunteerism activities before signing a MOU in the third quarter of 2014.