Talks held between Central Vietnam Youth Federation and Central Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union

On Tuesday morning (October 16th). the Central Vietnam Youth Federation (VYF) held talks with the Delegation of the Central Lao People's Revolutionary Youth Union (LPRYU) for the purpose of exchanging experience on the Federation’s movement and advising LPRYU to form the Lao Youth Federation.

At the beginning, Mr. Nguyễn Phi Long – Vice President of the Central VYF had extended a warm welcome to the Delegation of the Central LPRYU. The Delegation headed by Mr. Sonethane Thammavong – Deputy Secretary of the Central LPRYU paid its working visit to the Central VYF on the occasion of the Vietnam – Laos international year and the 56th-year celebration of the VYF’s day.


 Images from the talks
Images from the talks

Presenting the VYF, Mr. Nguyễn Phi Long noted that: The Federation in its role as the political key of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union had organized campaigns and programmes in order to gather and unite the Vietnamese youth. It had successfully launched many of youth’s movements, which had made significant contribution to the Vietnam’s liberation and the construction of the country. Concerning the relationship of the two countries’ youth, many education and communication activities had been proactively promoted by the VYF to help the young in the two countries have deeper awareness of the close and intense Vietnam – Laos relationship.

The talks took place in an atmosphere of sincerity and openness. Information on the organizations and their personnel, operation, membership were proactively exchanged and discussed in details by both sides. There was also a presentation with images of the VYF’s history, the purpose and significance of its foundation, the federation’s leaders over time and some of its popular activities. The two sides had experiences exchanged on the organization’s affairs and youth’s movements then.

In the conclusion, on behalf of the Delegation of the Central LPRYU, Mr. Sonethane Thammavong thanked the Central VYF for its valuable sharing. The Deputy Secretary of the Central LPRYU said that that was a chance for the Laos Youth Union to learn and gain experiences in forming the Lao Youth Federation. He believed that such talks would contribute to the development of the friendly relationship between the two youth unions.