Vietnam National Union of Students

Brief introduction

The VNUS is a socio-political  rganization of Vietnamese students. It acts as a bridge linking the Vietnam Communist Party – the Government – other  rganizations with students, and as an education force at colleges and universities. Its members include the students of Vietnamese citizenship from domestic and foreign universities and colleges, who have volunteered to join it with its adoption and with the knowledge of its statutes. The VNUS has a legal status, an account and a seal of its own.

The VNUS was founded on 9th January 1955 (this date is the traditional day of VNUS). Since its establishment, the VNUS has held 7 Congresses; the latest one took place in Hanoi in December 2003. At present, the Association has two provincial-level unions of students, 178

Organizational level: (1) Central level, (2) Provincial/city level, (3) University/college level, (4) Grassroots level (including Students’ units, clubs, groups, etc.)

Main tasks:

  • To unite, encourage and support members in study and training, fulfill students’ tasks;
  • To educate members and students in ideal, tradition, lifestyle and legal awareness;
  • To reflect needs and aspiration of students; propose advocacies and policies related to students;
  • To organize substantial activities to take care of material and spiritual life and protect legal and legitimate rights of students.