Youth International Cooperation Development Center (CYDECO)

General information

CYDECO has the functions of researching and advising the Secretariat of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee (HCYUCC), Chairman of the National Committee on Youth of Vietnam on the international aspects of youth affairs. 

It also represents the Vietnam Youth Federation (VYF), Vietnam National Union of Students (VNUS), Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer Organization (HYPO) concerning external activities.

CYDECO also assists the Secretariat of the HCYUCC in organizing international programs of the Union, VYF, VNUS and HYPO in accordance with the approved guidelines.

Besides, CYDECO organizes community events aimed at raising funds to support international activities of the Union’s movements.


  • To promote the interests of Vietnamese youth in relation to international matters;
  • To study and implement the foreign youth policies under the guide of the Party and State;
  • To give recommendation to the Secretariat regarding policies and guidelines of the international youth activities;
  • To organize and carry out international events of the Union, VYF, VNUS, HYPO;
  • To promote the youth movements in the country’s development process;
  • To research and record information of the international youth organizations, policies, the international youth movement, thus fulfilling the requirements of the domestic youth movements;
  • To assist the Secretariat of the HCYU.CC in observing and consulting Vietnamese youth movement abroad; to coordinate with the Vietnamese youth movement abroad; to cooperate, manage and disseminate information concerning youth activities of the Vietnamese youth abroad;
  • To develop, manage and implement in international projects concerned youth and youth development.


CYDECO represents the United Nations youth-related forums on youth of Vietnam. It is a SOMY Focal Point in access to communicate with the ASEAN Secretariat and youth representatives of ASEAN Member States.

CYDECO has partnership with youth organizations of over 30 countries.

CYDECO worked with the UN, ASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting), APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation), CONFEJES (Conference of Sport & Youth Ministers of French-Speaking) CWY (Canada World Youth) and (JICA) Japan International Cooperation Agency.