Vietnam Youth Federation (VYF)

 The Vietnam Youth Federation (VYF) is a broad social organization of Vietnamese youths and youth organizations. All Vietnamese youths aged from 15 to 30 regardless of sex, ethnicity, religion, social background, personal records, place of residence or membership in other Vietnamese youth organizations, who accept the Constitutions of the Youth Union, can be members of VYF. The VYF has a legal state, an account and a seal of its own.

The 15th of October 1956 is the Traditional Day of the VYF. It has both individual and collective members. The VYF has two types of membership: collective and individual. The Vietnam Youth Federation has about 8 million individual members and many collective members (individual members are not included in the collective members).

The individual members are those young people, who are not associated with other youth organizations but adopt VYF statute and voluntarily join the VYF. The VYF's main tasks are:

  • To stimulate and organize the members and youth to actively participate in the national industrialization and modernization as well as activities beneficial to people and country and inclined to the good;
  • To carry out substantial activities to meet the legitimate needs of members;
  • To propose and recommend to government agencies, social organizations appropriate and timely measures to protect the legitimate rights of individual and collective members of the VYF as well as those of youth in general;
  • To unite and cooperate with youth organizations of the region and of the world over in the interests of peace, national independence, democracy, progress, civilized and happy life of the youth.

The Federation and its members possess a system of press, publishing houses, television and radio for adolescents and small children, cadres training schools, a youth-research institute, clubs, cultural houses, centers for tourism, culture, education, vocational training, and other youth economic units.

The highest leading body of VYF is the National Congress which is held every five years and where the Central Committee is elected. At its plenum, the Central Committee elects the President, Vice-Presidents and members of the presidium. Structure of the VYF:

  • Central Committee
  • Committees of cities, provinces
  • Committees of districts
  • Committees of villages, precincts
  • The city wards /commune Cell