Vietnamese children participates in Painting Contest "In Viet Nam We Trust" to mobilize VND 110,000,000 for COVID-19 VACCINE Fund

DTN. On July 26th, on behalf of children participating in the Painting Contest with the theme "In Viet Nam We Trust", the Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneers Organization Central Council and Colokit Brand of Thien Long Group contributed 110 million VND to the Government's COVID-19 VACCINE Fund.

The source of funding was derived from the budget of the Organizing Committee of the Contest and Thien Long Group based on the number of valid paintings submitted to the Contest. For each painting submitted to the Contest, VND 2000 will be contributed to the VACCINE Fund. This is considered a new point compared to the previous 3 seasons of the Painting Contest "Color Festival".
The Painting Contest "Color Festival" in 2021 was held in the form of online submission from June 22nd, 2021 to August 10th, 2021 with the theme "In Viet Nam We Trust". The Organizing Committee of the Contest has received more than 70,000 entries from children in 63 provinces and cities.

With a deep sense of humanity, the Contest has received a strong response with thousands of unique works every week. The Contest for this year experienced an increase in the quantity and quality of paintings, which demonstrated the enthusiastic support of children across the country for the fight against the pandemic.

The work "Children join hands to fight against the pandemic" by Nguyen Phuc Gia Han (Tien Giang)

Many children submitted not one but many paintings to the Contest with the hope of contributing more to the VACCINE Fund. Each painting is a fierce anti-epidemic message, inspiring the whole society, showing empathy and gratitude to the State Functional Forces who are on the front line fighting against the epidemic.

Nguyen The Vinh - a 6th grade student from Tien Giang province with 5 works submitted to the Contest expressed: "Participating in the Contest, I am able to draw paintings to fulfill my own hobby, and to contribute to the VACCINE Fund at the same time. Therefore, I try to draw as much as possible to encourage the anti-epidemic spirit across the country."
The work "0 VND Market" by Nguyen Lam Anh (3rd grade student from Can Tho province) captures a familiar and meaningful image  in the past time.

2 weeks before the end of the Contest, the Organizing Committee decided to give the first donation to the VACCINE Fund. It is expected that the second round of donation would take place in mid-September 2021.

Mrs. Nguyen Pham Duy Trang, Member of the Standing Committee, Head of Children's Affairs Department of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee, Permanent Vice President of the Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneers Organization Central Council said: “We are very pleased with the humanitarian message of the Contest. We received strong response from children across the country. Hopefully, we will be able to quickly donate VND 110,000,000 to the VACCINE Fund. We also hope that the Contest will create a sense of excitement, arousing the positive spirit to help the fight against COVID-19 ."

The work "Love in Viet Nam" by Nguyen Chau Phuong Trinh (8th grade student from Ben Tre province) present an optimistic point of view to the country's fight against epidemic. In her eyes, love turns into a force that protects us from viruses, protects the beautiful life on this

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